2017 AIA Los Angeles Committees

The committees which comprise AIA Los Angeles are the lifeblood of the Chapter. Collectively, their events, programs, communications and initiatives thematically shape the discourse of architecture & design in the Los Angeles region and help AIA|LA fulfill its mission to provide the leadership to improve the built and natural environment. Together with informing our members and the public about the latest developments in the industry, the committees also provide value through offering continuing education credits. The chapter staff liaison for each committee reports continuing education credits for all members who attend committee meetings and sign in on the attendance sheet.

The committees operate through their individual leadership groups which typically comprise of a Chair, a Vice Chair and a Past Chair.  Implementing term limits is intended to encourage a clear framework of succession in committee leadership with designation of vice chair, chair & past chair. The Committee Chairs serve a 2-year term as Chair, while the board has the ability to extend terms in exceptional cases.

Following is a list of active committees for 2016 with the contact information for committee leadership and staff liaisons. If you are interested in joining a committee or require more information please contact the appropriate staff liaison for the committee.

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The 2x8 Committee organizes and produces the annual 2x8 Exhibition and Scholarship Competition. This event provides students from 12 architecture and design schools with an opportunity to showcase their best work at a public venue and potentially receive scholarships to further their education as tomorrow’s architects. The two students from each school are selected by faculty to represent the program.

In 2012, the 12 participating schools included: Art Center College of Design; California College of the Arts; California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; California State University, Long Beach; East Los Angeles College Department of Architecture; Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design; Otis College of Art; Southern California Institute of Architecture; Pasadena City College Architecture Department; UCLA Architecture and Urban Design; USC School of Architecture; and Woodbury School of Architecture.   

The group of young professionals that comprise this committee meet regularly from January through May to strategize the year’s exhibition, conceive the theme for the competition, logo and all graphic materials, coordinate communications with the schools and students, collect the students’ work, conceptualize and implement the exhibition, fund raise for the scholarships, contact a jury of professionals to evaluate the exhibited students’ work and award the scholarships and organize the exhibit opening reception. 

Chair: Vacant

Vice Chair: Vacant

Past Chair: N/A

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The Building Performance and Regulations Committee (BP&R) reviews issues affecting building performance and current building codes. The committee regularly meets to discuss regulations and ordinances that affect architectural practice and is the primary venue for evaluating pending or newly enacted revisions to the building code.   

The committee plans to continue their monthly presentation program with an aim to provide the most up to date analysis of issues that effect building performance and will continue to evaluate and discuss all new building code regulations and revisions. BP&R committee meets every month, usually at DLR Group WWCOT in Santa Monica.

Chair: Rhoden Skyles II - NADEL

Vice Chair: Vacant

Past Chair: Mark Savel, AIA - Savel Architecture Planning Forensics

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The Committee on the Environment (COTE) works to strengthen practices advancing environmental design quality of the built environment within the natural systems.  Advocating and engaging the architectural profession, the building industry, the civic and urban leaders, and the public, COTE serves as the voice and community of AIA architects in regards to sustainable design.

The Committee on the Environment (COTE) works to advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the profession, the building industry, the academy, and the public—design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment. COTE serves as the community and voice on behalf of AIA architects regarding sustainable design.

COTE reflects the architecture profession’s commitment to provide healthy and safe environments for people and is dedicated to preserving the earth’s capability of sustaining a shared, high quality of life.  The committee’s mission is to lead and coordinate the profession’s involvement in environmental and energy-related issues and to promote the role of the architect as a leader in preserving and protecting the planet and its living systems.

COTE provides the AIA with knowledge about environmental issues and advises the Institute on environmental policy matters affecting the practice of architecture.  The committee supports cooperation with educators and institutions of learning, manufacturers, government agencies, environmental entities and the public.

COTE AIA|LA Reference Materials and Sustainable Resource Library

Please contact the staff liaison for information on the next monthly program.  

Chair: Fabian Kremkus, AIA, LEED GA. CO Architects.

Vice Chair: Simone Barth-Auster, Assoc. AIA / LEED BD+C. Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners.

Past-Chair: Mona Telega, Affiliate AIA/LA

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The Design Awards Committee organizes the annual AIA|LA Design Awards Program and supports the production of the annual Design Awards Party & Ceremony. The Design Awards recognizes excellence in architecture and design as submitted by AIA members for projects either in the Los Angeles area or designed by members of the LA Chapter anywhere.

An engaged group of professionals, the Design Awards committee meets regularly from February through October to review and generate the annual Call for Entry, discuss and select the juries, organize jury day, conceptualize and install the program’s exhibition and provide input in regard to the production of the awards ceremony in October. 

Chair: Leslie Young, Assoc. AIA + Deena Weiner-Widran, AIA

Vice - Chair: Ashley Richardson, AIA 

Past Chair: Carissa Oyedele, AIA

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Fellowship is the highest honor that can be accorded AIA Architect members. Candidates must have ten years membership and demonstrate excellence and influence in one of five particular categories. The Fellows Committee identifies, invites, and nominates qualified members for elevation to Fellowship. The committee also assists nominees in finding mentors and preparing submittal portfolios.

The committee meets a minimum of five times to discuss potential candidates, determine nominees to put forward from AIA Los Angeles, mentor candidates through the submission process and ensure that submittals are completed by the deadline. Staff emails committee members and program attendees and maintain/update the committee mailing list.

Once AIA National announces the annual slate of Fellows, the Fellows Committee host a reception for newly elevated Chapter members. More information may be obtained from the co-chairs. Specific rules, deadlines and frequently asked questions are available online at www.aia.org/practicing/awards/AIAS075320.

Co-Chair: Andrea Cohen Gehring, FAIA - Partner, DLR Group

Co-Chair: John V. Mutlow, FAIA - John V. Mutlow Architects

Co-Chair: Marvin Taff, FAIA 

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The AIA|LA Committee on Architecture in Healthcare (CAH) facilitates networking in the architectural community in Los Angeles by acting as a focal point for sharing information relating to health facility planning, design and construction. The committee meets to discuss changes in regulatory trends and to update members on the latest developments in delivery of care, allocation of resources and to collaborate in developing opportunities.

One of the most active committees in the chapter, the highly attended CAH monthly presentation programs focus on continuing education, the future of healthcare design, delivery improvements and required disabled access learning units. In 2016 the committee will continue their monthly presentation program with an aim to provide a “view of the future” to its members and will ensure that the committee continues to provide “added value” to the healthcare delivery process.

The Committee is supported by steering group comprised of multiple stakeholders who devote their time and energies to meet; discuss topics; help organize sessions and find venues and funding sources for committee initiatives. 

Co-Chair: Parini Mehta, AIA, CO Architects

Co-Chair: Richard Houston, AIA, HKS Architects

Past Chair: Jhiah Chang, AIA, ZGF Architects

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The AIA|LA Historic Resources Committee (HRC) is engaged in promoting the role of the historic architect within the profession through the development of information and knowledge among members, allied professional organizations, and the public.

The AIA|LA Historic Resources Committee (AIA|LA|HRC) is pleased to announce its Resiliency Initiative, a multi-year effort to inform and engage the profession in how to preserve and adapt Los Angeles’ cultural resources in light of environmental, economic, and social change. Topics to be covered include: Seismic, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Economics.  The first of this series will bring attention to Mayor Garcetti’s plan to improve Los Angeles’ seismic resiliency, Resilience by Design, taking place the morning of Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

Chair: John Lesak, AIA - Page & Turnbull

Vice Chair: Ryan Upp, AIA - SGH

Past Chair: Shawna Upp, Assoc. AIA - Page & Turnbull

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The committee’s mission is to increase awareness of significant interior architecture within the greater Los Angeles area among the architecture and design community, as well as the supporting manufacturer, vendor and construction community. 
LiveWorkPlayEat is the committees new program guide for 2016. Special events to bring together the community include a Spring Tour, Happy Hour at an AIA LA Restaurant Design Award Winner, Los Angeles Design Showroom Spotlight and an Interior Architecture Enrichment Event. 
The Spring Tour provides access to several exclusive projects that feature stellar examples of interior architectural design. The Restaurant mixer at a local AIA LA Restaurant Design Award Winner will provide an opportunity to meet and greet the Restaurant Designer and networking opportunities during a fun happy hour event. The Showroom Spotlight would highlight an influential designer or line at a local Design Showroom.  The IA enrichment event would coincide with another Los Angeles event that is not specifically architecture but related to Interior Architecture. The goal is to engage the interior architecture community with the greater LA art and design community. 

Chair: Brandon Guzman, AIA - SmithGroupJJR

Co-Chair: Dawn Howell, Affiliate AIA|LA - Haworth

Past Co-Chair: Anne Frederiksen, Affiliate AIA|LA - Prudential Lighting Products

Past Chair: Bryan Walsingham, Assoc. AIA - Gruen Associates

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The Political Outreach Committee (POC) mission is to help establish a political voice for architects and perform leadership outreach to policy makers and elected officials on matters of importance to AIA|LA and its membership. The POC’s goals and objectives are to develop policy positions on matters related to the built environment, urban design, and the practice of architecture. The POC can serve both as a catalyst that initiates new policy and as an advocate and advisor that encourages and promotes proposed City policies already in development.

The POC meets regularly on the second Tuesday of each month and all AIA|LA members are welcome to attend. By contributing pro-actively to the discussion, volunteers help the committee develop a legislative agenda for the Chapter, which forms the thesis of the annual Legislative Day at City Hall. In addition to scheduling meetings with Council Members, Planning Deputies, the Mayor's Office and numerous General Managers and Directors of the vast array of City departments, the POC works closely with key staff members in the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety, LADOT, the Planning Department, LADWP, LAWA and Bureau of Engineer/ Public Works. 

Chair: Rocky Rockefeller, AIA - Rockefeller Partners Architects  

Vice Chair: Manny Gonzalez, FAIA - KTGY Architecture + Planning

Past Chair: Gwynne Pugh, FAIA - Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio

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Representatives from architecture and engineering firms in Los Angeles originally organized the AIA|LA Practice Committee with a focus on large-scale public and institutional building projects. Their purpose was to create an effective interface with various agencies and significant client entities to facilitate exchange of information and ideas in technical, design and business issues that affect our industry. In 2012 the committee met every month and provided programs and events on various topics affecting the practice of architecture in Los Angeles. Concurrently, in 2012, the AIA|LA International Practice Committee was working on promoting the unique talents of Los Angeles Architects in the Global community and crafted events that would facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise concerning the international practice of architecture amongst our members.

In November of 2012, to enhance the outreach of the two committees and to efficiently provide cutting edge programming to our members, the AIA|LA International Practice Committee was merged with the AIA Practice committee to form one unit that will oversee all aspects of architectural practice at the city, state, federal and global level.  

The committee will focus on business issues relating to Architecture and Engineering contracting practices at home and abroad with emphasis on lectures, programs and events that highlight technology related to the delivery of Architectural and Engineering services.

Chair: Mehrdad Farivar Esq., FAIA- Morris Polich & Purdy LLP

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The Urban Design Committee (UDC) serves as an advocacy group supporting legislative initiatives and public and private investments that improve urban design in Los Angeles. The committee has monthly information meetings and initiates workshops and programs to address a variety of current urban design issues.   

The UDC will hold monthly programs that are typically held at the AIA|LA Chapter office. In the coming year, topics of discussion will include the LAUSD Master Plan, Great Public Spaces, theUnion Station Master Plan, Expo Line Extensions and the Motion Picture Museum at LACMA. 

Chair:  Alex Anamos, AIA, LEED-AP BD+C

Vice Chair: Vacant

Past Chair: Martin Leitner, AIA

Click Here for More information on the Urban Design Committee Leadership


In 2016, the Women in Architecture Committee developed from a strong desire to empower and promote positive change for women in the field of architecture, heavily fueled by the influential POWERFUL: Women Leading Design conference series.

The committee meets monthly for a series of lectures, networking opportunities, and workshops.  WiA also assists organization of the annual POWERFUL event in October.

The Women In Architecture will maintain a focus of embracing diversity through inclusion, encouraging professional growth through networking and interactions, promoting leadership and offering career guidance, endorsing community outreach, and providing support to women in their career development in architecture.

WiA AIA|LA 2016 Year End Summary

Past Chair: Patricia Rhee, AIA

Present Chair: Pooja Bhagat, AIA

Vice Chairs: Jenna Knudsen, AIA and Melanie Freeland, AIA

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