A Note from the AIA|LA President...
Douglas Teiger, AIA, On His Objectives for 2017

As the 2017 President of the AIA Los Angeles Chapter, I would like to share my vision for the coming year with members and those interested in the built environment.

My platform for 2017 focuses on three main areas that represent the core values of the AIA|LA.

   1. Creating diversity within our profession.
   2. Expanding the architectural community and developing leaders.
   3. Strengthening our influence in local politics in service to enhancing
       the built environment.

To achieve diversity within our profession, we must start to generate interest in architecture with middle school students, which are often composed of diverse ethnic and racial populations. It is important we make every effort to educate students about the architectural profession, in their early exploration of career development.  This introduction should provide them with a clear idea of what opportunities in our industry look like and provide pathways for their success.

One way to begin this process is through the art of mentoring. For over six years, our firm, Abramson Teiger Architects, has worked with more than a dozen students to provide them with a hands-on architectural experience. The program enriches both our office and the students we’ve interacted with. Our first mentee will attend Brown University this Fall. I’d like to encourage Los Angeles firms to mentor middle school children, whether through established programs such as SPARK or ACE, or other organizations that offer services in this area. This grassroots, one-on-one approach will build diversity for future generations of our architectural profession.

The next step for the organization is to expand its base by connecting with college students and recent architectural graduates. Through outreach to the twelve architectural colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area, we have the opportunity to share the importance of becoming an AIA member. Last year, AIA|LA student membership increased by over thirty percent through this outreach. The power of this program lies in our ability to communicate the benefits and value that we offer. These include a free AIA|LA membership to students, reduced membership costs to recent graduates, assistance on the path to licensure, mentorship with seasoned architects, continuing education classes, and networking and involvement in AIA committees such as the 2x8 / Academic Outreach Committee or Design Awards Committee.

My third goal for the AIA|LA this year is for architects to be more involved in decision making at the governmental level. We must speak up in order to provide officials and policymakers with informed solutions that are good for the built environment. Will Wright spearheads this effort but he cannot do it alone. I encourage you to participate. We have monthly breakfast meetings with government leaders that members and the public are all invited to attend in service to expanding this effort.

I invite you all to get involved in your area of interest within the AIA|LA. We have over a dozen committees that are all open to our members. It is through your involvement that you will get the most out of this fantastic organization.  Please reach out to our new Executive Director Carla Caccavale 213-639-0777 x 21, or carlo@aialosangeles.org, to learn about the opportunities we offer. Let’s make it an innovative and inspiring year together.


Douglas Teiger, AIA
2017 AIA|LA President
Last updated: 22-Feb-2017 12:23 PM
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