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Douglas Hanson, AIA, takes Firm on 16-Mile Walk down Wilshire

On Friday, July 24th HansonLA’s new hires and class of interns covered nearly sixteen miles of Wilshire Boulevard in what has become a rite of passage at the firm. Beginning at the studio on Spring Street, interns walked observing facades, building types and Los Angeles’ rich culture. 

The activity is designed to promote the habits of a successful architect, habits which will give the architect insight into a projects specific role within the larger urban fabric of the city.

Douglas Hanson, AIA, leads the award winning architectural firm HansonLA.

Hanson met the architects on the street and sent them off with a mission. “Architects need to get out of the office every day and feel the energy of the street. As you walk, look at the city, be inspired by the culture of the neighborhoods. Notice the placement of the windows, the height of the doors in relation to the size of the building. This is not a race, this is a moment to absorb all that this city is made up of and your role in its development”. Hanson went on to say, “An architect does not walk by a store front and notice the shoes on display…an architect walks by and notices the elevation of the store front glass, the height of the door in relation to the windows, and the distinct lighting selected and carefully positioned to highlight those shoes.”

The walk ended in Santa Monica, where other members of the firm were waiting to welcome them into the distinct community of mindful placemakers.

Douglas Hanson, AIA has over 20 years of experience, and has orchestrated the design, management and construction of build-ings that now define city skylines. The depth and range of Mr. Hanson’s experience designing and building major projects in Asia, Europe and North America bring distinct advantages to every HansonLA project.

Last updated: 03-Sep-2015 10:57 AM
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