Michael Rotondi, FAIA will speak at the AIA|LA Design Conference on June 22nd

Last Updated: June 15, 2012

Michael Rotondi, FAIA will speak at the AIA|LA Design Conference on June 22nd

The Design Philosophy of Michael Rotondi, FAIA:

Life gives Form to Architecture

We believe that it is possible to create an architecture that is both practical and profound, both unique and inevitable, familiar to the body and unfamiliar to the eyes. the spaces created have the potential of being inspiring and a trigger to integrate memory and imagination, Specific projects in our diverse body of work, has taught us how to do this. The native Americans taught us how to listen with all of our senses, the Buddhists taught us how to see with a 'beginners mind', Artists taught us how to conceive with imagination, Scientists taught us how to take measure of the physical world, and Humanists taught us what the true evolutionary imperatives are.

In our youth, with great determination and impatience, we believed that 'Architecture gives form to Life.'

In our maturity, with insight and patience, I now believe that 'Life gives form to Architecture.'

On June 22 & June 23, we invite you to join us at the upcoming AIA|LA Design Conference to hear how leading design professionals are evolving the scope of their professional practice to enhance social, cultural and economic value.

Learn how to develop new tools, strategies and opportunities to achieve success in today's shifting economy.

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Michael Rotondi, FAIA will speak at the AIA|LA Design Conference on June 22nd

Michael Rotondi, FAIA

Michael Rotondi is an architect/educator. He has practiced and taught for 30 years, and defines both as one activity. He has always been based in Los Angeles, co-founding 2 international practices, as a co-founding partner of Morphosis, (1975-1991) and currently, RoTo Architects (1991-present).

In 1973 he and 50 friends and colleagues co-founded SCI-ARC, and was for ten years (1987-1997) the second Director of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). He still teaches there and is a Trustee. Having been a part of this educational and social experiment has given him a deep understanding of how an institution is guided by it's institutional memory while in a constant re-generative state of being.

His research and work as a trans-disciplinary educator-practitioner, has given him the skills, knowledge and insights that are essential to an open-minded approach to everything thing he does, teaching, envisioning new directions in business and culture, and solving complex problems of any kind.

He loves working with a diversity of people on unusually complex projects. Currently, the projects range from Contemplative, to Cultural, to Commercial.

He has lectured and taught locally and worldwide for many years. The works have received many awards and have been published widely.

For more information, please contact:
Will Wright, Hon. AIA|LA
Director, Government & Public Affairs
AIA Los Angeles
(213) 639-0764

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