Putting It Together - Tools and Processes

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2012

Changes to the traditional process (from typical CAD) include:

Communication networking
Team integration
Intelligent resources

List of committee resources:

+ Our kickoff symposium in April 2010, with a panel of experts: Jim Bedrick, Joseph Madda, David Graue, David Hart, Michael Rendler, Tony Tutay; moderated by Jay Zallan

TAP: What's the Future? April 2010

the full page view is here

+ Our July 8 2010 Presentation of an Open House Hosted by CO ARCHITECTS including 2010 BIM Excellence Award Winner Palomar Medical Center West
download the full project pdf presentation from AIA National

+ Aug 4, 2010 support of USC's BIM Analytics 2010

+ Venue for the AIA National/Regional TAP hybrid conference at LACCD headquarters Nov. 12, 2010. West Coast program: LACCD's BIM Facility Management Platform, also presented at the AIA 2011 Convention.

+ Preliminary AIA|LA resource for AEC tech tools organized by area of support: Cheat Sheet

AIA|LA would appreciate further input to this "map" of technology that supports building design, constructibility and research. Please reply to us here and we can incorporate recommendations
..... Note: A software database (crowdsourced)
..... Note: A software matrix from BIM Forum

+ March 3, 2011 LIDAR - Light Detection And Ranging laser point cloud technology
..... Architectural Resource Consultants John Russo, President & CEO
..... MOLLENHAUER GROUP Gregory D. Hindson, PLS, FRICS President & CEO

+ July 8, 2011 support of USC's Extreme Bim 2011
...... Symposium video at AIA Channel
...... Synopsis of Symposium presentations

+ March 1, 2012 - Site Information Modeling Presentation. (SIM): The process of generating and managing site data during its life cycle. SIM is an emerging companion to Building Information Modeling (BIM), which together complete Parametric Information Modeling (PIM), the process of generating and managing data for the entire built environment.
..... Omar Maciel, KPFF Civil Engineers
..... Glenn Hickman, AIA; McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

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