image: MATT Construction was the Builder of this Richard Meier designed project,
The Visitor Center at the Crystal Cathedral

From Bike Paths to the Dolomites Steve Matt, MATT Construction
Responds to the 2017 AIA|LA Presidential Honoree Q&A

The late Paul Matt, Affiliate AIA, was a lifelong builder whose early years include collaboration with Louis Kahn on the Salt Institute. His son—Steve Matt, Affiliate AIA—Building is in his DNA; his life has been dedicated to this cellular connection.

To honor their collaboration with architects, the AIA|LA Board of Directors is bestowing the 2017 Presidential Honoree: Design Advocate, Builder award on Steve and, posthumously, to Paul.

If you have driven across the Los Angeles, visited some of the region’s most heralded buildings, you have viewed design brought to the multi-dimensional realm by the company they are co-founders of: MATT Construction.

The modernization of the shell at the Hollywood Bowl, The Broad, Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands. Within feet of Wilshire and Fairfax are five museum structures, alone, that MATT Construction has built.

Given this perspective of the city, we looked forward to Steve’s answers to the annual Presidential Honoree Q&A which shares individual experiences of LA, and unique insights. He didn’t disappoint, starting with his favorite eatery.

AIA|Los Angeles: Favorite place to eat in Los Angeles.
Steve Matt Affiliate AIA: Wurstkusche

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Dream Commission. What current site in Los Angeles would you reconceive? Why and how?
All of LA. Elevated parks and bike paths to everywhere…we need the connectivity, exercise and reduced dependency on cars. (Example…the Highline in NY and the Bloomingdale Line in Chicago).

We have a photo booth at this year’s Design Awards. If you could pick one Angeleno to have your snap taken with, who would it be, and why.
Eli Broad…he saved our downtown and helped fuel the cultural renascence of our LA. How did we get so lucky?

Most influential piece of Los Angeles architecture to you. Include a why, if you’d like.
Disney Concert Hall – Frank Gehry gave our city an identity and changed the way we design, engineer, fabricate and build great buildings.

If you had three hours off—or a full vacation—where would you likely be?
Anywhere in the Dolomites on a road bike.

Been to the Design Awards before? Name a moment that stands out, whether behind-the-scenes, hilarious, or inspiring.
[The 2017 AIA|LA Design Awards] receiving this award. A final reminder of how my father’s vision brought meaning and fulfillment to us.
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