AIA|LA Encourages City Leadership to Build Complete Streets in the proposed Street Repair Bond.

As the Director of Government & Public Affairs for the Los Angeles chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA|LA), I am writing to encourage you to join the The Streets for the Future Coalition and advocate strong support for investing in healthy, verdant and complete streets that prioritize people and place making design principals, which will promote healthier communities, greater economic prosperity and a more delightful and functional public realm.

Beginning in early June 2014, Los Angeles City Council will finalize their plans for the SAVE OUR STREETS LA proposal -  a prospective Street Repair initiative funded by a 1/2 cent sales tax that will direct funds towards repairing our 8,700 miles of deteriorated street.

However, there is much concern that the current proposal may fall flat as a missed opportunity if it fails to take a more holistic, design thinking approach to addressing the complexity and inter-relatedness of many of our regional challenges.  In addition to repairing streets and sidewalks, we also need to prioritize investing in a potential County of LA Clean Water, Clean Beaches watershed management initiative as well as explore options for additional transit funding with a prospective Measure R 2.0   

Therefore, all of these challenges need to be addressed holistically so that various solution complement each other with outcomes and benefits that deliver a greater return on investment by making Los Angeles a healthier and more beautiful place.

The Streets for the Future Coalition

The Streets for the Future Coalition is a broad coalition of environmental groups, transit advocates, public health advocates, architects and more. As you may already know the City of Los Angeles is considering a ballot measure for November 2014 to repair the city’s streets and sidewalks. This coalition of environmental, transportation, health and community-based organizations has prepared this set of policy recommendations to incorporate "cool, green and complete" streets into the measure as a way to reconstruct streets to modern standards that serve all functions necessary for Los Angeles to be a livable city. We believe that any investment in Los Angeles' streets should build streets to 2050 standards rather than returning our streets to the way they were in 1950. Please join us in calling for streets for the future.

Please view the coalition letter and sign on form in the links below. The group is trying to get the letter finalized with all the supporting organizations listed by the close of business Monday. 

Coalition Document:

Sign On Form:

For more information about the Street of our Future coalition, please contact: 

David Fink

Director of Campaigns, Climate Resolve

(213) 346-3200 xt.303

(818) 458-9397 mobile

Climate Resolve  |  C-CHANGE.LA


Last year, AIA|LA included the following statement in its 2013 Advocacy Platform - 

AIA|LA Encourages City Leadership to Build Complete Streets in the proposed Street Repair Bond.

The Challenge - 

In 2008, the State of California passed The Complete Streets Act (AB 1358) which requires cities, as they update their circulation rights-of-way, to plan for a balanced multi-modal transportation network that meets the needs of all users of the street. With limited financial resources available for street maintenance and repair, the City of Los Angeles suffers from a large failing network of streets and sidewalks. At the same time as the City is updating the mobility element of its General Plan, efforts are underway to issue a $3 billion bond to pay for street repairs. This proposed bond has the potential, if properly written, to serve as a tool to do much more than pave potholes and resurface streets. If the bond’s scope is expanded to include bike lanes, sidewalks, parkways and bio-swales and if the principles of a Complete Streets policy are embraced, transformational place-making can grow out of these important improvements to our public rights-of-way. 

The Solution - 

With over 6,500 miles of streets and 10,750 miles of sidewalks, Los Angles has a unique opportunity to transform its network of transit corridors into comfortable and safe places for people who walk, bicycle, drive and use public transit. Rather than spending Billions on street repairs with the singular goal of moving automobiles as quickly as possible, AIA|LA recommends that city leaders pursue a holistic ‘design thinking’ approach that multiplies the benefits to Angelenos:

  • Safer, healthier communities
  • Repaved roadways
  • Repaired sidewalks
  • Enhanced watershed management
  • Enhanced streettree canopies
  • Verdant parkways that function as open space

Attached, you will find for your reference a copy of the 2013 AIA|LA Advocacy Platform, where we shared our recommendation to Build Complete Streets on Page 15.  Also, attached please find our 2012 Advocacy Platform, where we advocate for the City to invest in green infrastructure that will help clean our regional watershed.

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