Take the LA BizPULSE - what is the local BUSINESS repsonse to recent market conditions & government actions?

Last Updated: September 12, 2011

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  The poll closes Sept. 27. Please ACT NOW - our grass roots network is uniquely positioned to find the truth and tell the story of the real job creators.  

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BizPulse Objective: This very quick survey will gather important and timely insight into LA County business leaders' and owners perspectives as numerous jobsreports and market indicators may be reflecting a broad economic retrenchment. Is THIS TRUE for our region? OR are we going to BUCK THE TRENDS?   Why This is Important: A survey of LA County businesses by BizFed carries weight and attention - for BizFed and its member organizations - with electeds, media, key community and business leaders. This translates directly into increased impact and leverage on key advocacy issues and concerns to help us create jobs and get our economy moving again. TOP RESPONDERS AS OF THIS MORNING   NEXT STEPS:

  • Take the very short poll right now
  • Forward this email to 10 of your contacts today
  • Include in your full board and membership communications this week

We'll keep you posted on the progress; the summary of this timely intelligence will be released in early October.  

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