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Today the City of Los Angeles released the most sophisticated regional climate study ever produced - a high-resolution prediction of LA's temperature for the years 2041-2060.

UCLA climate scientists predict significant warming across the LA region. For example, downtown Los Angeles will see triple the number of extremely hot days. Some neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley will see one month's worth of days exceeding 95° per year. The study further predicts significant warming in local mountains, which could affect the region's water supply.

You can also read about the study in the Los Angeles Times.

AIA Los Angeles sees the climate study as a touchstone - providing a local context for why we're working to protect LA's local watershed.

This report specifically predicts future temperature. Additional reports concerning precipitation, Santa Ana winds and sea level rise will be unveiled later this year.

These reports are important to LA's future. All our work depends on a viable working city. The studies will help inform how we can best combat and adapt to the effects of climate change.

We are asking you to please:

  • Not just read the article but post thoughtful commentary on the LA Times article page.
  • Share the article on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Thank the Mayor for doing this study by writing Deputy Mayor Romel Pascual.

Let him know that climate change is important to you.

Our friends at the group, Climate Resolve, want to keep you informed. Stay up on news and information related to the reports by signing up at C-CHANGE.LA.

This is about the future of Los Angeles, our home.

Let's fight for its future together.

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