Why this Firm Partner Attends POWERFUL

Ultimately, tapping into talent, regardless of gender, elevates an architecture firm’s possibilities as a whole. 

A partner who recognizes this is Douglas Teiger, AIA who leads the award-winning firm Abramson Teiger Architects as Managing Principal. Through his office, Teiger sponsors POWERFUL, but he also attends the symposium. We asked him why in this brief but (sorry, we just have to say) powerful email interview. See you at POWERFUL!

AIA|LA: What made you decide to attend the first POWERFUL conference this past February?
Douglas Teiger, AIA: Diversity is the key to success within any company. We wanted to be a sponsor of such an innovative idea and witness firsthand the change coming to our profession.

How was your experience: what did you take away with you at the end of the day?
Having a different perspective allows me to see things in a new way.  I enjoyed hearing the viewpoints presented and got some ideas to bring back to my own practice.

Would you suggest that other firm principals such as yourself attend POWERFUL and, if so, why?
Hearing fresh new ideas presented by talented people who happen to be women is effective feedback to challenge the status quo of any office. This shift needs to come from the top down. 

Are you planning on attending this POWERFUL in October? 
Yes, for part of the day.
“Douglas Teiger realizes people and teamwork are the foundation of a successful creative practice. His passion for understanding group dynamics through empowering the different strengths of each team member embodies a synergy that fosters creativity.” Excerpted from Teiger’s bio on the Abramson Teiger Architects website

Last updated: 24-Sep-2015 03:56 PM
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