Five Takeaways
WiA AIA|LA’s SpeedTalks: Ripple Effects at Perkins+Will LA

SpeedTalks is a pecha-kucha style annual mixer between WiA and similar organizations in Los Angeles – to network, share missions and inspire each other. This year’s topic focused on Ripple Effects, meaning work in any sector that goes beyond a day-to-day job and creates community impact or affects the greater good.

Event summary:
This year there were 4 organizations who came together to put on the event: AIALA WiA, AWA+D, SOCalNOMA and AAA/E. We sold out at 70 RSVPs and had about 50 attendees at the event, hosted at Perkins+Will’s offices downtown. Each organization gave a brief overview of their mission, and 17 presenters shared their work in short 3 minute presentations.

1) Networking across organizations is appreciated by all. It’s productive to compare and understand our fellow organizations’ philosophies and goals, instead of being limited to our “silos.”
2) The short format of “pecha kucha” style presentations puts less pressure on presenters, and allows us to showcase a range of people and ideas. It’s casual, which furthers its highly interactive nature.
Some of the speakers were clearly younger,“first time” presenters, meaning, the format was terrific for them: a friendly and receptive environment. The Chair of WiA AIA|LA recognized this as a productive attribute. It encourages, gives confidence to new or “quieter” voices, and provides younger designers, or those who are older but new to presenting, the opportunity to speak before a large group. This experience is invaluable to them and will hopefully lead to more speaking out/participation/activism.
4) The diverse representation of speakers was inspiring
5) Selling tickets to the event ahead of time is good, people commit and the profits may be used to support future events or, at least, furnish refreshments for attendees who come directly from work.
  1. 6) Some people focused on volunteering, treating their 3 minutes as an invitation to join an organization, or explain why they do it. Others talked about activities they did unrelated to their dayjob (Paul Vu’s presentation on photography/graphics/self-driving cars comes to mind).
Last updated: 01-Aug-2017 10:24 AM
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