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PRINCIPAL Roschen Van Cleve Architects

Roschen Van Cleve Architects was founded in 1987 with the intention of establishing a community oriented, urban architectural practice. The firm is currently designing several of the precedent setting Hollywood revitalization projects, including Mixed Use and Retail, incorporating historic element preservation, media and advertising as integral to the architecture. Through Ms. Van Cleve’s leadership, the firm's expertise in zoning, code compliance, city processing, and sensitivity to neighborhood issues has led to many feasibility study commissions and is an asset to all their projects and community liaisons, enabling a smooth process and implicit understanding of agency approvals, requirements and agendas. An emphasis on cooperative partnering between business, civic, and governmental entities and interests is a hallmark of Ms. Van Cleve’s. Ms. Van Cleve was the Chairman of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce from 2003‐2004, leading a 39–member Board and numerous community initiatives and advocacy efforts. Prior to founding Roschen Van Cleve Architects in 1987, Ms. Van Cleve completed 8 years of architectural and design education at leading university programs and professional training of 8 years with highly respected firms. Ms. Van Cleve's education encompasses both design and technical training as well as in‐depth art and architectural history.

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