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Chief Deputy City Engineer, Chief Architect, Bureau of Engineering - City of Los Angeles

Deborah is the senior deputy for the Bureau of Engineering, providing leadership for an integrated architecture and engineering organization of approximately 800 people, with approximately 400 active projects with a construction value of about $3 billion. The organization provides professional design, project management and construction management to the City of Los Angeles, serving the needs of City residents and our fellow City employees. The projects include streets, stormwater infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure, fire facilities, police facilities, recreational and cultural facilities, parks, zoo facilities, general office facilities, and bridges. Deborah also oversaw the implementation of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan. Some recent projects under her oversight include the design and construction of the new 6th Street Viaduct, proposals for reuse of the site of the old Parker Center building, the design and construction of a new facility for Channel 35 in a historic structure at Olvera Street, and the exploration of the expansion of the Los Angeles Convention Center. As a recognized expert in sustainable design, Deborah was instrumental in the adoption of LEED for City buildings, and has extended the sustainability initiatives by piloting the use of Envision for civil projects. As the most senior architect in an engineering-focused organization, she has championed design discussions as integral to the process of project delivery.

Deborah has received numerous local and national awards, including a national AIA urban design award for the Los Angeles River Revitalization Mater Plan, has published many professional articles, and has presented in a variety of professional and public forums.

Last updated: 24-Feb-2015 05:06 PM
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