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Patricia Rhee, AIA
Partner, Ehrlich Architects

  • When did you first realize you wanted to become an architect?
    When i was in my junior year of college. i was a design of the environment major at Penn and absolutely loved the whole studio experience--pinups/crits, going on field trips, drawing, writing, and making things that drew upon my painting background and love for creative writing--i thrived in that program and found it hard to believe one could actually base a career doing these things.
  • Who has inspired you and/or influenced your career the most? And how?
    My m.arch '98 classmates at the GSD. i was surrounded by the most incredibly intelligent, creative, intensely hard-working, sophisticated, driven individuals. it was three and a half years of painful joy. or joyful pain? i didn't want it to end.
  • What are your recommendations for increasing diversity in the workplace and within the design process particularly?
    I was fortunate to land in an office that was "gender-blind" and supportive of women advancing. i now realize this is not the norm in architecture offices. at our office, we try to encourage everyone to speak up and participate, regardless of age, experience, etc because we truly believe that we can all learn from each other. i try to drill that into the interns from day one--they aren't just at the office to absorb, they can teach us a lot too! we have such varied backgrounds and experiences and can only benefit from sharing.
  • As a woman, what are your thoughts on the Los Angeles region as a place to work?
    It's a good place for women--the casual nature of office culture in LA blurs the line between the genders when everyone is wearing jeans, tshirts and tennis shoes. LA is a great eating city too when it comes to farmer's markets and cheap ethnic eats. perfect for all the foodie architects out there!

Patricia Rhee, AIA

Partner, Ehrlich Architects

Patricia Rhee has been a member of Ehrlich Architects since 2000 and a Partner of the firm since 2014. Ehrlich Architects was recently awarded the 2015 National AIA Firm Award, one of the industry’s highest honors. Patricia has served as Project Architect and Project Designer for several of the firm’s most challenging and award-winning educational and civic projects, and has also served as the lead designer in many of firm’s design competitions – both international and domestic. These include the winning schemes for the United Arab Emirates’ Federal National Council Parliament Complex, the GSA’s John M. Roll Federal Courthouse, the New Abuja City Gate, and the University of California, Irvine’s Contemporary Art Center. She has served as a peer reviewer for the US Department of State Overseas Building Operations, and is a visiting critic at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s 4th year Architecture program.

Patricia also heads the intern program at Ehrlich Architects which has drawn young designers from all over the globe.

She received her Master's degree in Architecture from Harvard's Graduate School of Design where she was awarded the Thayer Prize and received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Patricia is an active member of the AIA and Design-Build Institute of America. She has served on design juries at Cal Poly SLO, University of Southern California and SCI-Arc.

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