Accessibility Seminar: Stepping Thru Accessible Routes
September 8, 9:30AM-3:30PM
Helms Design Center - 8745 Washington Blvd
AIA Accessibility Seminars

Stepping Thru Accessible Routes

Friday, September 8th. 9:30AM-3:30PM 

Helms Design Center - 8745 Washington Blvd

Awards 5.0 ADA/HSW (satisfies CAB's 5-hour requirement for license renewal) 

AIA Members: $170 - Non-Members: $240

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Accessible Routes or Path of Travel in new and existing projects are essential aspects of Accessible design. If you can not
even get to an area, no matter how accessible that portion is, it will still not be least until we invent
teleportation. Not only is the route or path required to be accessible but there are many elements that are included
within the definition which also are required to be accessible. We will look at a broad view of these elements, as one
progresses from the street, thru the site, and into the buildings, touching on their various accessibility requirements.

An overview of accessible routes, from the public way, to site amenities, to parking spaces, to the entry, and thru the
building to the exits including egress requirements from exit doors

• Understand what is required for an Accessible Route or Path of Travel
• Review the connectivity of elements, entries, floors, and exits
• Learn the scoping and technical requirements for components on both the exterior and interior
• Overview Path of Travel requirements in existing projects and alterations