AIA|LA Political Outreach Committee - “Establishing the AIA|LA Advocacy Platform for 2016”
February 9, 6:00-8:00PM
ABRAMSON TEIGER ARCHITECTS - 8924 Lindblade Street Culver City, California 90232

AIA|LA Political Outreach Committee

Integrating Design Thinking into Public Policy that Impacts the Built Environment

“Establishing the AIA|LA Advocacy Platform for 2016”

When: Tuesday, February 9 (6-8:pm)

Where:  ABRAMSON TEIGER ARCHITECTS - 8924 Lindblade Street, Culver City, California 90232



1. Housing Affordability White Paper

2. Re.CODE LA white paper

3. BMO/ BHO recommendations

4. Neighborhood Integrity Initiative // Opposition v. Alternative Solutions

5. LAFD Small Lot design guidelines

6. "Measure R 2.0” = transit investment sales tax measure

7. County of LA Parks funding ballot measure

8.  CEQA Exemptions for Urban Infill in Transit-Priority Areas = SB 743 implementation

The AIA|LA Political Outreach Committee (POC) mission is to help establish a political voice for architects and perform leadership outreach to policy makers and elected officials on matters of importance to AIA|LA and its membership. The POC’s goals and objectives are to develop policy positions on matters related to the built environment, urban design, and the practice of architecture. The POC can serve both as a catalyst that initiates new policy and as an advocate and advisor that encourages and promotes proposed policies already in development.

Chair:  Manny Gonzalez, AIA - Principal, KTGY Architecture + Planning

Vice-Chair/ Chair-elect:  VACANT = contact Will Wright if you’re interested in this opportunity

Past-Chair(s): Rocky Rockefeller, AIA - Senior Partner, Rockefeller Partners Architects & Gwynne Pugh, FAIA - Principal, Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio

For 2016, The POC will meet as follows (2nd Tuesday of each month at various locations):

  • February 9 (6pm - 8pm) = 
  • March 8 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD* 
  • April 12 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • May 10 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • June 14 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • July 12 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • August 9 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • September 13 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • October 11 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • November 8 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD
  • December 13 (6pm - 8pm) = Location TBD

Location TBD* - would your firm like to host?  As the host you’d provide your conference room for 15 to 20 people and provide, beer, wine & snacks as well.