AIA|LA City Leaders Breakfast Reception w/ Ray Chan
May 19, 8:00-9:30AM
AC Martin - 444 South Flower Street, suite 1200 los angeles, CA 90071

The 2017 AIA|LA City Leaders Breakfast Series :: the fourteen annual AIA|LA Breakfast Series



Deputy Mayor, Economic Development - Mayor’s Office, City of Los Angeles

WHEN: Friday, May 19 (8:00 - 9:30am)

WHERE: AC Martin - 444 South Flower Street, Suite 1200 Los Angeles, CA  90071

The 2017 AIA|LA CITY LEADERS BREAKFAST SERIES serves as an opportunity for architects & designers and other community stakeholders to meet directly with key individuals transforming Los Angeles in a roundtable setting to discuss innovative ideas that will ensure a healthy, sustainable and economically competitive future.  

Ray Chan, Deputy Mayor, Economic Development - Mayor’s Office, City of Los Angeles

Mr. Raymond Chan is a licensed Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Building Contractor, and Real Estate Broker. Prior to his appointment as the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Chan served as General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). Mr. Chan initiated and implemented more than 70 enhancement programs at LADBS, 20 of which have received a Productivity Improvement Award from the City’s Quality and Productivity Commission and received 3 Mayor’s Civic Innovative Awards. Also, he was selected as the “2013 Building Official Of The Year”, by the California Building Official Association. 

His innovative and collaborative leadership accomplishments led to his appointment as Deputy Mayor of Economic Development. As Deputy Mayor, Mr. Chan oversees the following City Departments: Los Angeles World Airports, Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Los Angeles Department of City Planning, Convention & Tourism Development, and Economic & Workforce Development Department. 

In addition, Mr. Chan directs the following MOED Teams:

 International Trade Team to create new market opportunities abroad for LA companies to export their products and technologies, attract and facilitate foreign investment, and promote tourism. 

Outreach to foreign investments through consulates 

Mayor Garcetti’s Export Program 

 Attract and educate companies to export 

 Find global markets for L.A. goods, technologies, & services 

 Conduct trade tours to expand global market 

 Business Development Team to recruit and expand key legacy and emerging industries, facilitate relationship building across companies and industries, and help guide them in navigating City Hall. 

Establish Web-Based Media Production policy 

Establish Manufacturing Advisory Council 

Host L.A. City’s largest Tech Job fair 

Support development of Biotech hub in East LA 

 Small & Minority Business Team to attract and help start-up small & minority businesses by reaching out to underserved areas, improving the performance of BusinessSource Centers, and expanding contract opportunities for business. 

Strengthen Outreach to Underserved Communities to facilitate business development. 

Improve performance of BusinessSource Centers 

Establish a Small Business Liaison Case Management Program to facilitate permitting and approval process. 

Coordinate capital resources 

 Planning & Real Estate Development Team to plan for and build an economically vibrant future through improved services and partnerships in order to attract, recruit, and deliver quality development for the City of Los Angeles. 

Recruit & facilitate major development projects 

Streamline California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Site Plan Review 

Implement Parallel Development Process among all development services departments 

Implement development services enhancements

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