D4D Task Force Meeting #5
November 15, 6:00-8:00PM
LEO A DALY - 550 South Hope Street, 27th Floor

Design For Dignity:  A Call To Action!!!!

Do you have ideas for how AIA|LA can help solve our regional housing crisis?

Do you want to personally get involved as a leadership resource and as a volunteer to achieve measurable results within the next 6 to 9 months, if not sooner?!

Then please consider going the DESIGN FOR DIGNITY task force.  We have our next four meetings confirmed.

This task force will identify a few very specific homelessness & housing policy ‘call to actions’ to prioritize and then will establish a road-map to accomplish moving forward on these call-to-actions.  Ideally once the D4D task force has had a chance to identify its core objectives we can align in effort and synthesize our ideas and call-to-actions together.  Multidisciplinary collaboration will be key to our success.

Within 6 to 9 months, if all goes well, we will have made genuine progress towards offering ideas to help end our housing crisis.

D4D Task Force Meeting #1
Wednesday, August 9 (6pm - 8pm) 
333 South Hope Street
Suite C-200
Los Angeles, CA 90071

AGENDA:  Intros & round-robin of each person’s top ‘fix it now’ priority, discussion and consensus of 3 or 4 priorities to target for next six months ((e.g., temporary housing settlements, mobile showers, parking reform, permit streamlining, PSH funding).  For ideas & inspiration, see my notes from last week at the end of this email chain.

If you can't make the meeting on the 9th, then share your idea to me in writing by the 8th and I will share on your behalf.

D4D Task Force Meeting #2
Tuesday, August 29 (6pm - 8pm)
724 South Spring Street
Suite 1002
Los Angeles, California 90014

AGENDA:  Strategize most effective way to ‘move the needle’ forward on 3 or 4 top ‘fix now’ priorities.   Assign specific tasks and roles to each volunteer in task force.

D4D Task Force Meeting #3 
Thursday, September 21 (6pm - 8pm)
1149 S. Hill Street, Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90015

AGENDA: Status update on "moving the needle forward" and identification of specific challenges/ obstacles that need to be resolved.

D4D Task Force Meeting #4
Tuesday, October 10 (6pm - 8pm)
888 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 2170
Los Angeles, CA 90017

AGENDA: A group review of the proposed solution/ outcome. Develop a roadmap to strategic consensus building & partnerships.

D4D Task Force Meeting #5
Wednesday, November 15 (6pm - 8pm)
550 South Hope Street, 27th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2627

AGENDA: to be determined

RSVP to Will@aialosangeles.org // And get ready to roll up your sleeves!