AIA|LA Healthcare Committee presents OSHPD Electronic Plan Review Process
April 20, 4:30-6:30PM
Perkins + Will - 617 W 7th St #12, Los Angeles, CA 90017

OSHPD Electronic Plan Review Process

Time: Wednesday, April 20, 4:30-6:30pm. Session to start promptly at 5pm.

Venue and Host: Perkins + Will - 617 W 7th St #12, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Parking: Street parking or in adjacent lots

Meeting is full!

Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Facilities Development Division (FDD) is responsible for enforcing building standards, per the California Building Standards Code, as they relate to health facilities construction. FDD reviews and inspects health facility construction projects. Part of the review process requires the review of all plans, specifications and supporting documentation to ensure compliance with applicable codes and regulations. Historically, reviews are manually completed on printed blue prints which must be shipped to and from design firms. These plans can be thousands of pages weighing hundreds or even thousands of pounds. This costs the facilities almost $1.00 per sheet for each printing and costs OSHPD about $150,000 annually in shipping costs. FDD has a 60/30/30 turnaround goal program requiring first review of New Projects and Deferred Items within 60 days, review of Back-checks within 30 days and Amended Construction Documents within 30 days. 
To address these concerns and to facilitate efficiencies through technology, FDD has recently deployed a simplified electronic plan submission process that facilitates attaching electronic documents to the application for new a project or post-approval document for immediate review and approval. This will benefit our clients by:
1. Simplifying document distribution and eliminating paper and printing, shipping, and/or courier costs
2. Allowing an easy setup, tracking and document versioning from initial submittals through any re-submittals
3. Digital plan stamping allowing approved plans to be downloaded and distributed with no printing required
4. Reducing storage costs by allowing digital archiving of all plans and construction documents

5. Generating organized, discipline-specific Correction Reports using review comment formatting
6. Increasing efficiency of plan reviews by allowing simultaneous reviews of documents by all disciplines and reducing ambiguity and reworks by incorporating standard review comments into a library
7. Decreasing the turnaround time for reviews to be returned to clients and resubmitted by incorporating real-time comments viewing
8. Reducing travel costs for clients by leveraging electronic plan review capabilities from the reviewer’s screen to the designer’s in real time
9. Decreasing shipping costs, temporary and permanent physical storage and processing requirements and the carbon footprint.

Attendees will be instructed on the steps for creating the application and submitting their documents, resubmitting corrected documents and a live demonstration of the new plan review software OSHPD has employed. They will also be able ask questions about other topics and issues and receive specific answers from OSHPD leadership.


Gary Dunger, Office of Statewide Health Planninand Development (OSHPD)

Gary Dunger is the Chief Fire & Life Safety Officer for the State of California, Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development, and is also the OSHPD Business Process Manager and Program Manager for the Electronic Services Portal – OSHPD’s web-based project tracking system that allows facility owners and licensed professionals to submit project applications online.

Special thanks to Perkins+Will for hosting this event at their office!