AIA|LA Healthcare Committee: "Key Fire Protection/Life Safety Design Concepts in Healthcare Facilities"
January 18, 4:30-6:30PM
Perkins + Will - 617 W 7th St #12, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Coffman Engineers presents

Key Fire Protection/Life Safety Design Concepts in Healthcare Facilities

When: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 4:30-6:30pm

Location: Perkins + Will - 617 W 7th St #12, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Healthcare facilities present unique fire protection/life safety challenges for design professionals due to the services and type of occupants accommodated in these facilities.  Patients may be unable to evacuate themselves due to their medical condition or treatment received and appropriate design features must be introduced to achieve an adequate level of safety for such occupants during fire or other emergency events.  This presentation will provide an overview of general fire protection/life safety concepts in healthcare facilities and a discussion of issues commonly encountered as well as strategies to mitigate these challenges.  Topics presented will include CMS compliance and applicable codes/standards, jurisdiction (OSHPD vs. local), occupancy classifications, smoke compartments and defend-in-place strategy, means of egress, vertical openings, removal of acute care services, suites, and fire-rated construction, among others.  The discussion will be based on the code requirements of the California Building Code (CBC) and NFPA 101, Life Safety Code and will also include a summary of 2016 CBC code changes related to healthcare occupancies. 

Presenters, all from COFFMAN ENGINEERS:

Steven E.T. Dannaway, P.E. - Project Manager, Fire Protection Engineering

Steven has 6 years of experience in the fire protection industry.  His experience includes work on hospitals and healthcare facilities, detention/correctional facilities, higher education campuses, mixed-used high-rise developments, corporate office campuses, transportation infrastructure, courthouses, industrial facilities, and entertainment/public assembly venues. Steven has performed smoke control computer modeling and smoke control engineering analysis, fire protection system design, hazardous materials analysis, analysis of passive fire-resistance rated construction, means of egress analysis, building and fire code consulting.  Utilizing fire protection engineering principles and a sound knowledge of the California and International building and fire codes (CBC/IBC), NFPA codes/standards, and Unified Facilities Criteria, Steven has worked with design/construction teams and end-users to develop code compliant solutions and performance-based design approaches to address challenging fire protection and life safety design issues. 

Scott M. Twele, P.E., DBIA - Operations Manager, Senior Discipline Fire Protection Engineer

Scott has 15 years of experience in the fire protection industry. Throughout his career he has acted as an advisor to design teams, construction teams and building owners on compliance with local and international fire safety codes and standards. His project experience includes fire and life safety consulting using California Building and Fire Codes, International Building and Fire Codes, NFPA codes and Federal Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC). He is also experienced with the design and inspection and testing of fire alarm mass notification, fire detection, fire sprinkler, fire suppression (including clean agent, AFFF and High Expansion Foam) fire pump and standpipe systems. His areas of focus include aircraft hangars, healthcare, higher-education facilities, laboratories, high-rise buildings, historic structures, and detention and correctional facilities.

Aman Shah, P.E. - Senior Engineer, Fire Protection Engineering

Aman has over 20 years of experience working in the fire protection industry. His experience includes building and fire code, accessibility, and sprinkler consulting services. Aman is proficient with the California, International, and Uniform Building and Fire Codes; Unified Facilities Criteria; Fair Housing Act Design Manual; Americans with Disabilities Act; and full set of NFPA Standards and Codes including NFPA 13, 14, 20, and 101 Life Safety Code. His areas of focus include large mixed-use facilities including airports, shopping centers and malls; high-rise buildings; education and office campuses; historic structures; residential including apartments, condominiums and hotels; health care; and detention and correction facilities. Aman has performed fire protection system design, hazardous materials analysis, analysis of passive fire-resistance rated construction, means of egress analysis, building and fire code consulting, and performance-based design for prescriptively noncompliant issues to help facilitate design teams with their approaches, construction teams, owners, and end-users with developing fire-protection engineering solutions to satisfy intent of code requirements as well as owner-driven goals.


Special thanks to Perkins and Will for hosting the event!


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