COTE: Natural History Museum Eco-Tour with CO Architects and Mia Lehrer Associates
May 27, 2:00PM-5:00PM
LA Natural History Museum

AIA|LA COTE presents

Natural History Museum Eco-Tour with CO Architects and Mia Lehrer Associates

May 27. 2:00PM-5:00PM

LA Natural History Museum

Provides 3.0 CEU's! 

Design commissions for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County include CO Architects' expansion and re-imagination of the North Campus that includes a redesigned front façade with an entry bridge, pedestrian-friendly terraces and communal areas, and a two-level car park, and proposes a series of glass pavilions housing a live butterfly collection, museum shop and ticket office, museum café, and outdoor dining. A 3.5-acre landscape program provides gardens and outdoor learning environments. Modernization efforts began in 2006 with CO's renovation and seismic upgrade of the iconic 1913 Building – the first phase of an institution-wide metamorphosis (including the roll–out of major new exhibitions) leading up to the museum’s 2013 centennial.

MLA working closely with the Museum, Project Management and Architectural team designed The Nature Gardens, a 3.5 acre performative landscape, surrounds the Natural History Museum of the County of Los Angeles as a dynamic learning laboratory that sets the standards for a new model of natural history museums. This newly developed site is an exciting and immersive place for museum visitors to witness nature up close with new arrivals of butterflies, birds, bugs and mammals that are evident daily.  The garden is an urban ecological laboratory, positioned to support the work of the museum scientists’ research; the museum’s educational mission, and the fostering of nature within the heart of the second largest metropolitan city in the nation.

This is a performative landscape on all levels. The plants are carefully selected and planted to enhance and foster biodiversity, a relationship to fauna. The decomposed granite pathways are permeable, along with the ephemeral stream – bioswales to catch onsite storm water.  Reclaimed lumber for the construction of the Home Garden raised beds and benches, along with leftover roof tiles as garden curbing were used in the garden construction. Outdoor lighting is minimal and when installed dark sky compliant to work with the cadence of night life.

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