The 2016 Façade Tectonics World Congress
October 10-11,
Los Angeles, CA

The 2016 Façade Tectonics World Congress

The design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and management of building enclosures. Blind peer-reviewed papers and presentations by an outstanding group of more than 75 speakers: structural glass, intelligent facades, new materials and methods, daylighting, energy, sustainability, resilience, retrofit, double-skins, heritage facades, and more. The target audience includes architects, engineers, facade designers, manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, owners, etc. Early-Bird is $295 (when the early bird runs out, any remaining seats for the conference will be $995 - but there probably won't be any). The Facade Tectonics Institute is a member-based, volunteer-supported organization founded in 2007 at the University of Southern California School of Architecture (USC Architecture) and dedicated to the research and education for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in building facade technology. The intent is to catalyze and foster a deep dialogue of collaborative research activity that bridges the fragmented market segments of the building industry, pairing industry, government, academia, the profession, and ownership. The accelerating change of façade technology and the growing awareness of the facade as not only integral to, but the very fulcrum of holistic building design, has propelled Facade Tectonics to the forefront of the emerging dialogue of building skin. The facade system uniquely combines considerations of performance and appearance; it is, quite simply, the most interesting and vital aspect of architecture and urban habitat today. If you cannot join us this year, consider becoming a member to stay with us on the leading edge.  For more information, including sponsorships and exhibitor opportunities (tabletops only - we are running out of space) please contact:

October 10-11, 2016, Los Angeles

More info and RSVP: www.faç