AIA|LA Tours: Single Family Solutions in South LA
September 23rd, 10:00AM-2:00PM
South LA

AIA|LA Tours: Single Family Solutions in South LA

Saturday, September 23rd. 10:00AM-2:00PM.
South LA.
AIA Members: $45
Non-Members: $60

Join us for a very special panel discussion + tour throughout South LA that features "Prototype - A True Starter Home" series by Lehrer Architects LA and the "IVRV House" by SCI Arc in Collaboration with Habitat for Humanity directed by Darin Johnstone! 

10:00AM - Meet at House #1
10:45AM Panel discussion at House #2
12:15PM - Guided tour of the IVRV House (House #3)

Join us for our very special panel:

Every House Matters:
How can Los Angeles provide affordable housing, support and re-invest in neighborhoods?

Marqueece Harris-Dawson, City of Los Angeles Councilman District 8

Chris Robert; Founder of The Robert Group, a public affairs firm

Edward Lifson; award-winning journalist, architecture critic

John Perfitt, RNLA Executive Director

Michael B. Lehrer, FAIA; Founding Partner Lehrer Architects

Darin Johnstone, AIA; SCI Arc / Darin Johnstone Architects

Moderated By:

Nerin Kadribegovic, AIA; Partner Lehrer Architects

Roberto Sheinberg, CAM; Design Director Lehrer Architects and President of the L.A. Forum. Architecture. Urban. Design.

About the "Prototype - A True Starter Home Series" by Lehrer Architects LA
Our client, a non-profit developer of affordable housing, came to us with an article titled “The Death of the Starter Home”. The article lays out the ever-increasing economic hardship for traditional homeownership. Armed with several urban infill sites located throughout South Los Angeles, he challenged us to deliver a repeatable prototype for an affordable single-family home for under $200,000, including design, permits and construction. The project started purely as an economic exercise with no design or environmental mandate. 
To fully understand the real value proposition for this prototype, we acted as construction managers in order to control overall project costs and to be able to afford-and-test additional sustainable strategies/features. Testing and establishing a clear mission, articulating it, and ultimately broadcasting it is a critical part of maximizing the impact of these prototypes: to honor the neighborhood and to model best design and living/ home/garden/street environments. The goal is to fit in and stand out to affect the larger culture and the immediate surrounds.

About the "IVRV House" designed by SCI Arc in Collaboration with Habitat for Humanity directed by Darin Johnstone
The ‘IVRV’ house is the result of a collaboration between Southern California Institute of Architecture and Habitat for Humanity of greater Los Angeles. It represents the mergence of two complimentary missions; to educate Architects who will imagine and shape the future and to provide simple, decent, affordable housing for all. The house is intended to challenge the status quo of sustainable / affordable housing in both form and content. The SCI Arc student designed and constructed house (directed by Darin Johnstone) strives to answer a typical residential program in an unexpected way. 
The form of the house comes from an exploration of an unadorned two-story gable roof profile that was transformed to create a livable home and protected outdoor area capitalizing on the full benefits of the California climate and lifestyle. Habitat for Humanity works to create decent, safe, affordable homes for every man woman and child. With this project, we strove to create something that was also delightful, sustainable and inspiring.

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