AIA|LA Tours: Vertical Venice Prefab (V.V3)
October 27, 6:00PM
Los Angeles

AIA LA Tours: Vertical Venice Prefab (V.V3) 

DESIGNED BY + TOUR LED BY: Office of Mobile Design; Jennifer Siegal, Assoc. AIA, Principal

WHEN: Thursday, October 27. 6:00PM

The Vertical Venice Prefab (V.V3) is a triple-stacked steel modular addition, to a 1920's Venice bungalow, designed by Jennifer Siegal, Assoc. AIA. 

Siegal is the winner of the 2016 arcVision Prize - Women and Architecture - an international award to women's architecture organized by Italcementi. Innovation and unconventional thinking are both hardwired into to her DNA. This shows in a body of work and research that questions everything, particularly the static, heavy, inflexible architecture that we somehow still expect in a world that is anything but. 

In 1998, Siegal named her firm Office of Mobile Design, a nod to her obsession with the transitory. The firm focuses on "portable, demountable, and relocatable structures," from homes to schools to stores. It also explores prefabrication, taking advantage of industrial processes to create a more efficient and nimble architecture.

This tour is a premiere event of LArchitecture month. 

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