AIA|LA Tours: Marciano Art Foundation
June 1, Tours at 2:00 and 3:30PM
Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles

Images by wHY Architecture

AIA|LA Tours: Marciano Art Foundation
Thursday, June 1st.
Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles.

Designed by: wHY Architecture

Tour led by: Kulapat Yantrasast, wHY

In 2013, Maurice and Paul Marciano selected wHY to transform a deserted Scottish Rite Masonic Temple located in Hancock Park, Los Angeles into a cultural center that contributes to LA’s evolving art scene.

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Dedicated to the exhibition and making of contemporary art, the Marciano Art Foundation is conceived as an ‘Art City’, a sprawling environment that balances the historic bones of the building while introducing important spatial elements of world-class cultural institutions such as circulation, lighting and room proportions. wHY’s ‘acupuncture architecture’ approach served as a valuable strategy in experimenting with the relationship between old and new to foster a synergy between the historic building, contemporary art and the urban environment. Architecturally, wHY’s intention was not to re-design or touch the building but to preserve and safeguard it for many years to come through extensive waterproofing.

Once inside, visitors feel transported back in time as a result of how intact the original structure remains — its original features, motifs, details. At the same time, a fresh and lively ambiance is created through the introduction of new walls and ceilings, designed to make the subject matter on display the center of attention. A variety of exhibition spaces, from the very large featuring exposed structure to the more intimate, provide the Foundation with a flexible environment for exhibitions of a single artist’s work, numerous exhibitions at one time, or special events. wHY’s strategic design synthesizes the variety of spaces throughout with the final addition of a wHY-design café/lounge and bookshelves.