US Green Building Council-L.A. “Leading Gracefully”
July 13,
Los Angeles, CA

US Green Building Council-L.A. Raises the Role of Women Leaders in Sustainability with Professional Development Series 
“Leading Gracefully”, Registration Open Now

Los Angeles, CA (June 9, 2016)  Women have played a powerful role in directing the world toward sustainability, from as far back as Earth Day founder Rachel Carson to marine biologist Sylvia Earle to biomimicry expert Janine Benyus.  On a more local level, the U.S. Green Building Council’s Los Angeles chapter (USGBC-LA) is led by two strong females, Dominique Hargreaves as Executive Director, and Kilroy Realty’s Sara Neff as Chair of the Board of Directors.  All the women mentioned have had a special ability to lead.  And to keep growing leadership among “women in green”, the USGBC-LA is presenting a professional development series, “Leading Gracefully”, across three sessions in July and August 2016. Registration is now open.
The series is led by Feminine Leadership Expert, Monique Tallon, author of the new book (included in registration) Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership. 
“Clean energy and green building hold major untapped opportunities for women, but to change our numbers in these green industries, women need to do the research, think about a different path, and how they can 
prepare themselves to enter a field, learn to lead, and finally, recruit and mentor future leaders,” states Hargreaves.  “This series provides a concrete workshop that will complement our quarterly “Women in Green” breakfast series of discussions with women leaders.”
The series is:
July 13th Workshop 1: Leading Gracefully: Unleash your Authentic Leader
Focuses on what it is an authentic feminine leader today, how to gracefully walk the “tightrope" of leadership to overcome biases and stereotypes, how to lean into your natural strengths and combine them with traditional traits to become well-rounded, effective leaders. 
July 26th Workshop 2: Overcoming Obstacles to Self-Confidence
Explores the Confidence Gap and how it contributes to the gender gap women face, with exercises and tools to build more confidence and get to the next level in your career.
August 9th Workshop 3: Building Supportive Networks for Women
Explore ways women can build supportive networks to help each other thrive while operating in a man’s world, as well as the generational issues women face and how to find mentors to create the ‘girl’s club’ in order to close the gender gap.
Traditionally, the number of women green building and clean energy has been low, and there are many reasons for that related to the leadership series – from lack of mentors, to not being encouraged in the science fields, which in more recent times includes sustainability.  But these sectors hold great potential for both mid-career women and for young women just entering the workforce. 
A published 2013 study on women as sustainability leaders in engineering showed the percentage of women in the sustainability leader industry positions was much higher (39%) than the percentage of women in general management positions (8%).  Analysis of [studied] results showed a statistically significant positive correlation between the subject of sustainability and increased percentages of women in engineering leadership positions.  Increased consideration of sustainability in engineering education and practice could also help address the critical need to attract more women to the field. (Women as Sustainability Leaders in Engineering: Evidence in Industry and Academia, August 2013, J. Harrison, L. Klotz)
An Atlantic article (4/27/13) about getting women into more clean-energy jobs, wrote how three young ladies were inspired to hear “how the average pay in STEM careers is about $7,000 above the average”, but that few women were in the field.  The article noted that “of the millions of jobs in the energy sector, only 12% are held by women” (Catalyst), and the “BLS reported that only 13.6% of engineers and architects are women.”  The article further pointed out that the demand for electricians could be 23.2 percent by 2020, “especially with development of the smart grid and new energy efficiency technologies,” but that “just over two percent, the same as in 1970,” are women (Census).  These are examples of lost opportunities in the past, AND many opportunities to be had.
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This series precedes the annual sold-out “Women in Green Breakfast” event at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which will be held in Los Angeles from Oct. 5-7, 2016, at the Convention Center.  Registration is also now open for Greenbuild; please visit

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