Where Architects Live Tour: Dan Brunn
May 24, 6:00-7:30PM
Los Angeles, CA

Where Architects Live Tour: Dan Brunn

Tuesday, May 24, 6-7:30PM. 
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Architecture, Interiors, Landscape: Dan Brunn Architecture; Dan Brunn, AIA, Principal

Photographer: Brandon Shigeta                                                    

Completed: 2014

Size: 2,400 square feet

Nestled in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, the private residence of architect Dan Brunn, AIA, became an expression of his signature style. The house was transformed from a typical 1950s Los Angeles bungalow into a minimalist retreat. The remodeling process delicately balanced a nostalgic façade while transforming the interior spaces to accommodate present-day domestic activities with a clean, open-air feeling. Brunn’s design aesthetic is evident in his utilization of provocative spatial choreography and harmonious connections between light and volume.  

Upon entry, there is a sudden sense of compression and expansion as the visitor is propelled into the home’s center. This dramatic gesture is further amplified by the compact foyer that abruptly breaks free, uncovering a soaring entertainment room and living room. Brunn removed all walls within the living areas to create a large-scale central space. Modern furnishings with clean lines and neutral colors complement the open room. Several west-facing skylights were installed against the crown of the roof’s ridge beam.  Sleek, ultra-white custom-designed kitchen cabinets are made of back-painted starfire glass adhered to baked-on lacquered fiberboard panels. Above the kitchen and below the skylights sits an inviting loft space to serve as a private sanctuary. It’s accessible with a hidden ladder that retracts into the laundry room. Retractable glass sliding doors in the home’s central space create a grand welcome into the backyard, featuring an entertainment space with kitchen, barbecue, and whirlpool spa.

The sheer openness and expansion of the main entertaining space, with views to the backyard and skylight system, make the house a true California classic.

Firm: Los Angeles-based Dan Brunn Architecture, founded in 2005 by Dan Brunn, AIA, develops commercial and residential projects worldwide. Brunn utilizes provocative spatial choreography to harmonize light with volume. Inspired by the Bauhaus architecture of his native Tel Aviv, he reinterprets Modernist principles in minimalist designs for living, shopping, and dining. Brunn’s portfolio includes furniture design that addresses the needs of living room, bedroom, and bath with highly functional, sophisticated, and streamlined solutions.  

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