2012 Call for Entries: ONE Prize- REWORKS

Last Updated: February 6, 2012


An International Design Competition for Transforming Cities and Creating Jobs through Innovation

"In America, innovation doesn't just change our lives. It is how we make our living."
Barack Obama

In the 21st century, innovators are needed to address critical global issues, revamp stagnant economies, and create stable and dignified jobs. Everyone - from President Obama to Congress to laid off auto workers and recent college graduates - is concerned about the economic crisis, and is making efforts in one way or another to rebuild the U.S. economy. American innovators are facing fierce foreign competition next to the rapid development of technological and ecological solutions for growing urban centers in Europe and Asia. To some extent, the U.S. is beginning to lack leaders in the innovation sector. To move towards a sustainable and humane global community, innovators from all disciplines must rethink the way we conceptualize economic as well as ecological sustainability. How can the U.S. best demonstrate its creative forces and realign its prominence in the discipline of innovative design in the global community?

Obama has declared that "this is our generation's Sputnik moment." As a consequence, we must fund "a level of research and development we haven't seen since the height of the space race," with predominantly robust investments in infrastructure, information technology, and clean energy development. Obama compares this intellectual venture to "the Apollo Project," which harnessed U.S. innovation and expertise to activate the lunar landing in 1969.

If Obama's advice is followed, designers will be an absolutely crucial component in this development. They are the creative pioneers that will rethink infrastructure and work with other disciplines to reboot the economy through innovation. REWORKS is an open call to retrofit our future by transforming the aging infrastructure of the U.S. and thereby paving the way for domestic job creation. Science and technology haven't just changed the way we live and do business; they've also changed the way we understand and invest in innovation itself-and we have to keep up. This is a call for action to convert vacant buildings, abandoned factories and deindustrialized cities into the building blocks of creativity, and to empower the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to invent their own destinies and contribute to the global community.

Seeking architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists, artists, students and individuals of all backgrounds:

  • Can we rework the skeletons of 20th century manufacturing for 21st century innovation?

  • Can abandoned plants in Detroit become the new technology training centers?

  • Can mill towns be revamped as digital fabrication hubs?

  • Can high-tech manufacturing move back in the city?

  • Can we encourage training through exposure to new technology?

  • Can we reboot American innovation?

The ONE Prize Award is an international competition and it is open to everyone. The teams can have one or more members. The proposals can be for a real or speculative project, for one or more real sites, and located either in the U.S. or applicable to U.S. sites. Further, the proposals need not be generated exclusively for this competition, provided that they address the intent of the competition.

For more general information about the One Prize and to see the winning entries from the 2011 competition visit http://www.oneprize.org or contact Emma Podietz

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