2012 Elections BizFed POLL

Last Updated: September 4, 2012

2012 Elections BizFed POLL

URGENT: The brand new 2012 Elections BizFed POLL is live right now

As you may be aware, AIA Los Angeles is a member of the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed) in effort to help represent the business interests of architects and designers.

A few times a year, BizFed develops a survey to capture the pulse of the wider business community. To have more architects and designers share their thoughts is essential.

As an Architect, there are questions on the November 6th ballot that may have a direct effect on your business - so it is really important to make sure your opinions are known on a wide range of topics from sales tax and income tax increases, education funding, new ways to set auto insurance rates, speeding up transportation projects, food labeling, payroll deductions for campaign giving, changing to a 2 year State budget, and electing the President!

BizFed will share the results of this survey with the media and the public before election day in effort to share our perspective.


1) TAKE this 3-minute online poll yourself

2) PASS it along to other architects and business owners

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