AIA Los Angeles Congratulates Our New Fellows for 2017

AIA Los Angeles is honored and pleased to announce that thirteen of our members have been elevated to Fellowship (FAIA.) To peruse their summary statements and discover more about this attainment, please scroll to story below.

Fellowship celebrates Architect Members who have made significant contributions to the profession and society, who exemplify architectural excellence, and whose work has had a profound influence or ripple effect. Approximately 3 percent of the AIA’s more than 90,000 members have this distinction.

Fellowship may be bestowed in one of several categories: 1) Design, Urban Design, or Preservation; 2) Education, Research, Literature, or Practice (with the option of a subcategory of Management or Technical Advancement); 3) Led the Institute or a Related Organization; 4) Public Service, Government, Industry, or Organization; or 5) Alternative Career, Volunteer Work with Organizations Not Directly Connected with the Built Environment or Service to Society.

The new Fellows will be honored at the investiture ceremony during the AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 in Orlando this April. Our Los Angeles Fellows will also be honored locally at a private reception.

AIA|LA thanks our 2016-17 Fellows Nominating & Mentoring Committee, and everyone who supported our nominees as sponsors, reference letter writers and mentors. Their experience, advice and encouragement are crucial to a successful nomination, and are much appreciated.

Out of 258 candidates this year nationwide, 178 were elevated to Fellow. You can view a list of all the new Fellows nationwide at

Presenting the 2017 New Fellows from the AIA Los Angeles Chapter, and their summary statements:

Martha L. Ball, FAIA
Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED)
Martha Ball is a leader in the transformation of higher education environments and the practice of architecture, by advancing inclusive practices in building design, in the design process and in the profession itself.

Navy F. Banvard, FAIA
Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh (VTBS Architects)
Navy Banvard, AIA has alleviated a national housing crisis by creating access to nearly 200,000 new homes through breakthroughs in affordability. His pioneering site analytics and hybrid construction innovations have been adopted by architects nationwide.

Barbara Bestor, FAIA
Bestor Architecture
Barbara Bestor has consistently pursued experimental architecture that engages the city through design, art, and urbanism. She explores the architectural form through experiments in spatial arrangements, graphics, and color that is evident in her projects from custom residences to headquarters for international companies.

Frank Clementi, FAIA
Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Frank Clementi broadens architectural practice with innovative projects and transformative teaching, integrating architecture, landscape, graphic and product design. His uniquely thoughtful work transcends scale to celebrate place and culture for people of all means.

John Hugh Gormley, FAIA
California State University Channel Islands
As a knowledge leader for innovative learning environments, John Gormley has transformed a historic campus from a place of isolation and containment to a place of innovation and collaboration while in uencing campus architecture nationally.

D. Michael Hamner, FAIA
East Los Angeles College Department of Architecture
Michael Hamner developed a uniquely successful Community College Architectural Program, training future architects that truly re ect the diversity of our society, offering underserved students a route to our profession inspired by his own grass-roots-based career

Scott B. Hunter, FAIA
HKS Architects, Inc.
Scott enhances communities through his expansive global practice guidance. His professional leadership has created a recognized civic influence, an energized design culture, and the promotion of healthful sustainable places.

Jonathan R. Kanda, FAIA
CO Architects
Jonathan Kanda has pioneered the architecture of the American medical school. By fully integrating the clinical and academic realms, he creates hands-on, team-based, technology-rich learning environments that profoundly enhance the education of future healthcare professionals.

Andrew Labov, FAIA
CO Architects
Andrew Labov designs complex laboratories and building enclosures, applying rational and empirical methods, forging innovations in programming, technology and delivery to create exceptionally humane and sustainable environments for scientific education and discovery.

Stephan Mundwiler, FAIA
Connecting design responses to context and culture, Stephan Mundwiler has created profound and innovative work informed by examination and experimentation, pushing physical boundaries and heightening societal understandings of the power and influence of architecture.

David Louis Swartz, FAIA
HLW International LLP
David Louis Swartz advances the art and science of technical detailing and construction documentation. Through passion, leadership, advocacy and mentorship, he elevates the technical role on par with design and project management.

Anil Verma, FAIA
Anil Verma Associates
Anil has designed and managed the execution of rail transit stations nationally and abroad, transforming many urban communities. His research has been widely influential globally, emphasizing the importance of transit in shaping the city environment.

Takashi Yanai, FAIA
Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Takashi Yanai elevates the “culture” of people and place with breathtaking houses, connecting man and nature through masterful siting and exceptional craft. He inspires the public and the profession through publications, teachings and advocacy.
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