AIA Los Angeles Congratulates Our New Fellows for 2018

AIA Los Angeles is pleased and proud to announce that five of our Chapter members have been elevated to Fellowship (signified by the initials FAIA.)

One of the highest honors that AIA awards, Fellowship celebrates Architect Members who have made significant contributions to the profession and to society, who exemplify architectural excellence, and whose work has had a profound influence or ripple effect.

Fellowship may be bestowed in one of several categories: 1) Design, Urban Design, or Preservation; 2) Education, Research, Literature, or Practice (with the option of a subcategory of Management or Technical Advancement); 3) Led the Institute or a Related Organization; 4) Public Service, Government, Industry, or Organization; or 5) Alternative Career, Volunteer Work with Organizations Not Directly Connected with the Built Environment or Service to Society.

The new Fellows will receive their Fellowship medal during the Investiture of Fellows Ceremony at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 in New York City. The Investiture Ceremony will be held at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, June 22, 2018 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Our Los Angeles Fellows will also be honored locally at a private reception.

AIA|LA thanks our 2017-18 Fellows Nominating & Mentoring Committee, and everyone who supported our nominees as sponsors, reference letter writers and mentors. Their experience, advice and encouragement are crucial to a successful nomination, and are much appreciated.

Out of 297 nominees this year nationwide, 152 were elevated to Fellow. You can view a list of all the new Fellows nationwide at For more information on the Fellowship and the nomination and submission process, please contact Steve Tanner, Hon. AIA|LA at

Presenting the 2018 New Fellows from the AIA Los Angeles Chapter, and their summary statements:

Leigh Christy, FAIA    


Leigh Christy champions multidisciplinary, research-based design to deliver high-impact public benefit projects through her writing, speaking, teaching, and practice. Her precedent-setting approach builds consensus, empowers innovation, and achieves environmental, social, and economical resilience and sustainability.

Joseph Coriaty, FAIA
Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects

Joe firmly believes his designs positively impact the lives of its users by encouraging users to interact, create, hack, and disrupt the mundane to discover new ideas and better their surrounding communities.

Andrew Cupples, FAIA    

DLR Group

A crusader for the incarcerated, Andrew Cupples has elevated the living standard and enhanced the dignity of those in the justice system through planning and design work that benefits individuals and society at large.

James House, FAIA
House & Robertson Architects, Inc.

Globally recognized for significantly redefining the role of Executive Architect,
Jim House orchestrates revolutionary partnerships, leading acclaimed and emerging
architects toward breakthrough projects and stronger practices while broadly sharing
his distinctive collaborative culture and approach.

Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, FAIA    
Woodbury School of Architecture/WROAD

Practitioner, thought-leader and Dean, Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter helped build a high-ranking school of architecture by crafting new pathways into the profession for economically and ethnically diverse students, inspired by her holistic career broadening the architect’s role
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