Advertising Opportunities with Larchitecture, AIA|LA’s New Annual Full Color Magazine!

Last Updated: February 2, 2012

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Advertising Opportunities with Larchitecture, AIA|LA's New Annual Full Color Magazine!

AIA Los Angeles is proud to announce that we are producing a classy annual full-color publication entitled LArchitecture! The magazine will have editorials on Los Angeles architecture, life and style of architects and member profiles as well as fun features that will be different from chapter news and events, yet in sync with design.

Published by Innovative Publishing, the Larchitecture is scheduled for a September release, and we would like to invite you to consider having an advertising presence in the magazine. We will distribute approximately 4,000 copies of our new LArchitecture magazine by mail to our members and at special events and trade shows.

Benefits to You
1. Target 2 out of 3 registered architects in Los Angeles, typically the most active architects in the state!
2. AIA Los Angeles members are specifically responsible for over $100 billion in pre-bid, bid-phase, and post-bid projects each year.
3. As the only publications exclusively designed for AIA Los Angeles members, readers are more engaged with the publications and your advertisements, resulting in longer exposure time to potential buyers.

Advertising Advantages: 2012 LArchitecture magazine
A presence in the 2012 AIA|LA LArchitecture magazine will be a wise investment of your marketing dollars. The Directory¬ and LArchitecture are distributed directly to our members, key public officials including heads of government agencies, school superintendents, libraries, and decision makers in the architecture field in Los Angeles responsible for purchasing or recommending your products or services throughout the state. And just a note:

Companies that actively market themselves in a slow-paced economy have historically experienced tremendous growth over the long term. Persistence separates these companies from the competition and yields substantial rewards.

For more information on advertising opportunities, please contact the publisher: Innovative Publishing Ink
Innovative Publishing Ink, based in Louisville, KY, is a national publisher of association magazines and directories and brings over nineteen years of publication and advertising sales experience to our team.

Contact by email at: or call 502.423.7272
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