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name: Danny Cerezo, Assoc. AIA

I am a former Navy officer who decided to get out in 2006 and pursue my dream of being an architect. When I got out, I had no firm experience other than some summer internships and I knew working for someone else was not for me. I knew I wanted to be on my own, but the question was how. I was lucky enough to hook up with a business partner who allowed me to fulfill this goal. We formed our small company called The 4Corners Group and we have worked on developing small lot subdivisions in the City of Los Angeles. We have completed 1 project, are building the second, and I'm designing two more now that we have in the pipeline. I hope to be fully licensed by mid-July of this year so that we can then start to develop larger and more exciting projects.

project: Preuss Four

This is a 4-unit small lot subdivision located in Cienega Heights in West L.A. The site layout has been planned so that each home has exposure on 4 sides as opposed to a usual "shotgun" layout where only end units have more than 2 sides exposed. Each home features solar panels, fiber cement rain screen system, and bio-filtration swales. We will also be using salvaged wood from the demolition of a 100-year-old barn in Michigan. We have tried to give each future homeowner the same amenities usually associated with a typical single-family home, including a private front yard. Preuss Four is scheduled to be completed in September 2013.

View of the project from the Preuss Road.

The project features a center walkway for access to each home and parking.

The main living level features reclaimed hardwood from a 100 year old barn in Michigan that was being demolished.

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