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Last Updated: January 6, 2011

3780 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

We are pleased to announce that AIA Los Angeles has contracted Innovative Publishing to publish our 2011 AIA Los Angeles Membership Directory. Our Membership Directory, a professionally designed, four-color, digital online publication, is a key part of AIA Los Angeles' communications program and will include listings and information that are of great value to our members.

As an online publication, the Directory is fully interactive, the pages flip with a click, and all advertisements will include links to the advertisers' websites and e-mail addresses. The Table of Contents will also include links so users can quickly find contact info for members and companies that provide products and services to architects.

The Directory has a 12-month shelf-life and will serve as a useful reference throughout the year for the architecture and design community. It can easily be accessed from any computer, phone or PDA that has internet access, plus the whole Directory, or even specific pages, can be printed out by members anytime, at no additional charge.

Benefits to You

  • The new design and a cleaner layout will enhance your communication with the architecture and design community. We anticipate this new format to be very favorable to our members.

  • Since this is the official directory of AIA Los Angeles, readers will be more engaged with the publication and your advertisements. The net result is longer exposure time to potential buyers.

  • Your advertising message can be communicated in affordable four-color so that your product or service message will have greater impact on current and potential customers.

2011 AIA Los Angeles Membership Directory - Advertising Advantages

The 2011 AIA Los Angeles Membership Directory will be a wise investment of your marketing dollars. It is distributed by e-mail link directly to our members, key public officials including heads of government agencies, school superintendents, libraries, and decision makers in the architecture field in Los Angeles responsible for purchasing or recommending your products or services throughout the state. And just a note:

Companies that actively market themselves in a slow-paced economy have historically experienced tremendous growth over the long term. Persistence separates these companies from the competition and yields substantial rewards.

About Innovative Publishing Ink

Innovative Publishing Ink, based in Louisville, KY, is a national publisher of association magazines and directories and brings over seventeen years of publication and advertising sales experience to our team.

Judah Jimenez is the advertising consultant who will be contacting you shortly regarding advertising rates and availabilities. If you prefer, you can reach Judah at 502.423.7272 or by email at .

As always, we appreciate your support of AIA Los Angeles and look forward to your participation in this exciting joint venture.

Steve Tanner, Membership Director
Nicci Solomons, Hon. AIACC, Executive Director



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