AIA|LA Seeking Homes for 2013 Tours

Last Updated: December 5, 2012

3780 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

Call for Projects: AIA|LA Seeking Homes for 2013 Tours

AIA|LA is looking for homes to be considered for inclusion in all our Tours for 2013 including:

  • Home Tours Series
  • Modernist/Contemporary Tours
  • Residential Monographs Tour (NEW)

2012 proved to be a great success for AIA|LA's Home Tour Series, as well as their brand new Modernist/Contemporary Tour featuring midcentury homes restored by Contemporary architects. With much ambition, AIA|LA is looking to launch yet another tour this year, the Residential Monographs Tour! It will give our fans a chance to see not one type of AIA|LA tour but three! We need your help to make these tours possible!

Participating in an AIA|LA Tour is a great way to promote your work, share your design ideas and implementations, and offer your clients a privileged opportunity to open their home to a selected public and proudly display their residence.

Home Tour Series (2 in the Spring, 1 in Fall)

Featuring the most beautiful contemporary homes designed by Los Angeles's leading architects, that educate the public in new ways of living.

Modernist/Contemporary Tour (Once a Month)

The Modernist/ Contemporary Tour features one modernist project that has been renovated by a contemporary AIA|LA Architect member.

If you have renovated or restored a mid-Century home, please contact AIA|LA today to include it in our tour!

Residential Monographs (Launches 2013)

If your forté is residential architecture and you have 3-4 projects in the Los Angeles area, please contact us! We'd love to feature a monograph of you and your firm by celebrating good design and architecture!



To submit a home for consideration, please email the following items to Carlo Caccavale, by Friday JANUARY 11, 2012 @ 4:00pm.

  • a minimum of 2 images (1 exterior, 1 interior)
  • a 250-word (max) narrative about your project
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