AIA|LA Wraps Up a Very Successful Spring 2012 Home Tour Season, Gears up for Fall!

Last Updated: May 10, 2012

AIA|LA Wraps Up a Very Successful Spring 2012 Home Tour Season, Gears up for Fall!

3780 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

AIA|LA Wraps Up a Very Successful Spring 2012 Home Tour Season, Gears up for Fall!

AIA Los Angeles would like to thank all of our Home Tour attendees for making the Spring 2012 Home Tour series such a great success! This season of the year has exceeded our expectations with over 350 guests in attendance. We are very thankful to the Los Angeles community for being so devoted to one of AIA|LA's mission in educating the public on the value and importance of architecture. 

April 1, 2012 "Venice Vista" tour featured homes designed by:

May 6, 2012 "Palisades to Brentwood" featured homes designed by:

As we finish one season we prepare for the next season: Fall 2012!

AIA|LA is currently looking for homes to be considered for inclusion in the 2012 Fall Home Tour Series. Our Spring 2012 Home Tour series was heavily featured in the media and this only builds anticipation for the Fall season. The annual AIA|LA Home Tours are a great way to promote your work, share your design ideas and implementations, and offer your clients a privileged opportunity to open their home to a selected public and proudly display their residence.


To submit a home for consideration, please email the following items to Carlo Caccavale, by Friday February 11, 2011 @ 12:00 noon.

  • a minimum of 2 images (1 exterior, 1 interior)
  • a 250-word (max) narrative about your project

Thank You Docents!

We would especially like to send an enormous thank you to all of our Docents, without their help we could never make our Tours possible!

THANK YOU: Agnes G, Alan Hotchkiss, Alessandra Del Rio, Alison Nagler, Amir Marvdashti, Amy Newborn, Andrew Bilson, Andrew Galambos, Andromeda Atkins, anna jönsson Connell, Aram Hernandez, Araz Boghouzian, Arega Menrabian, Arielle Rouleau , Asim Rasheed , Barbara Coffman , Beau Sisemore, Bernie Altman, Bernie Nagler, Beth Perry , Bianca Richter , Bill Gregory , Brandon Cruz, Branka Knezevic, Brenda Bilson , Brianna Wiley, Brittany Henderson, Caroline Tran, Chau Nguyun , Choo Sunim, Chris Riley, Craig Malak, Crystal Lang, Crystal To, Daisy Lin, Dan Kaufman,  Dana Falk,  Darlene Kelley, Dave Schaffer, David Courtney, Denise O'Kelley, Eddie Kahen, Edit Bahamanan, Elizabeth Del Real, Elizabeth Sharkov, Ellie Noori, Eman Bermani, Emily Goodwin, Eric Lee Lopez, Eriko Pettersson, Fenty Muliadi, Gabriel Del Real, Gerard Leutner, Gloria Mah, Hector Puga, Helen Jadali, Hrabba Jonsdottir, Pernilla Hübinette, Ivan Knezevic, Jan Lepicovsky, Jason Anthony, Jed Mamaril, Jennifer Nagler, Jenny Eun Kim, Ji Young Choe , Joan Schrier, Joel Schrier, John Woodbury, Joseph Ceravolo, Joseph Cervalo, Judy Pies, Juhee Park, Julie Coleman , Kambiz Kabi, Katayoon Alavian, Katty Chan, Kimberly Pittman, Kravits Wong, Kristen Woods, Kuniko, Leina Naversen, Liang yu kuo, Luke Gibson, Luke Peterson, Marcos Santa Ana, Maria Elhawary, Mary Moorefield, Merry Norris, Michelle Noriega, Mike Ahmadi, Min Cao, Mrs. Reza Hadian , Nava Haghighi, Nazafarin Hadian , Nicole Acaron, Nicole Sebastian, Noam Saragosti, Olya Stansfield, Patrick Latona , Paul Chiu, Paul Norlen, Paul Okoye, Peter Jensen, Pooya Goudarzi,  Randall McCormick, Randy Santos, Rebecca Landau, Reza Hadian, Roslyn Amparo, Sagar Chavan, Saul Sandoval, Shaneil Jardeleza, Sherman Sylvan, Skip, Soraiya Bermani, Stephanie Hauptli, Summer Thomas, Tatiana Bracinac, Taylor Sanderson, Valerie Drago, Veronica Castro, Viviana Lei,Yan Ang, Ying Gregory!

See you all in the Fall!

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