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September 13, 2016-- Noting that Measure LV, proposed for the City of Santa Monica, is extreme, costly and would result in devastating consequences ranging from haphazard planning, increased housing costs and decreased supply of affordable housing, the American Institute of Architects Los Angeles chapter (AIA|LA) opposes the measure.

If adopted, Measure LV would require voter approval for most newly constructed buildings over 32-feet in height. The initiative will be voted on by Santa Monica residents on their general election ballot this November 2016.

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The measure will undercut years of comprehensive planning efforts in Santa Monica and impose a burdensome process that favors only mega projects and the wealthiest developers.

Briefly, Measure LV:

  • Undermines the city’s Land Use and Circulation Element, a planning vision for the city developed through a 20-year-long democratic process.
  • Curtails avenues to urgently needed housing production.
  • Undercuts City of Santa Monica planning documents that tailor scale and density appropriately, replacing thoughtful planning with expensive and impractical voter approvals.
  • Lacks essential exemptions for public buildings (i.e., fire and police stations).
  • Could limit the Architectural Review Board’s (“ARB”) effectiveness.

Santa Monica currently has one of the region’s most extensive, thorough and transparent public approval processes for development projects.  The chapter believes Measure LV would undercut this process with costly, inefficient election campaigns that favor only the largest projects and the wealthiest developers.  The AIA|LA encourages a No vote on Measure LV in November.

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