ANEW: dedicated to the practice of Social Sustainability

Last Updated: April 22, 2011

ANEW: dedicated to the practice of Social Sustainability

Los Angeles, CA, USA

ANEW is a national 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the practice of Social Sustainability® - uniting social responsibility with environmental sustainability.

Through education and leadership ANEW extends the life cycle of surplus furniture, building assets and architectural materials by matching these items to charitable organizations, public agencies and communities in need.

As the leading national resource for repurposing, ANEW is called upon by architects, designers, builders, manufacturers, real estate professionals and Fortune 500 companies to decommission surplus and realize economic, social and environmental benefits.

Over each of the past 6 years ANEW has diverted more than 1 million pounds of goods and materials from landfill; this year our goal is to double that amount. Join the ANEW coalition - your sponsorship places you in the growing consortium of leaders and creative innovators who support our mission as a catalyst for positive change.

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ANEW: doing what's right with what's left®.

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