Attorney Brian K. Stewart, AIA|LA Presidential Honoree
Stewart answers this Year’s Honoree Q&A as an Hon. AIA|LA

For this special edition of the 2016 Presidential Honoree Questionnaire, we changed up the questions a little as the honoree in question is an attorney. Brian K. Stewart, partner with Collins Collins Muir + Stewart LLP, will be bestowed his Hon. AIA|LA at this year’s awards ceremony. Shifting them just slightly from the world of design to the world of the law. But we have to point out that in one of his answers, he got to the heart of how a creative perceives their environment.

AIA|LA: If you could change one aspect of the law on behalf of architects what would it be and why?
Brian K. Stewart, Hon. AIA|LA: It would have to be the way indemnity works in CA due to the statutes and some case law such that it creates the potential for major uninsured liability exposure to architects and other designers such as engineers.   

Unfortunately, indemnity clauses are used by some Owners in a way that allows them, in the event of a claim, to shift the responsibility for the Owners attorney fees to the Architect and the Architect’s professional liability carrier will not cover that cost under current law.  
AIA|LA: What Los Angeles building, site, place or idea should never be changed?
Stewart: I believe in the concept of creative and adaptive reuse so who am I to say what should never be touched in any way and make it off limits to the creativity of future generations of Angelinos and their Architects?
(Join us in celebrating Brian K. Stewart, Hon. AIA|LA, at the 2016 AIA|LA Design Awards.)

AIA|LA: In terms of your work, on behalf of architects, what are you most proud of?
Stewart: Assisting clients to avoid contractual traps, while not the most exciting, is very necessary in terms of keeping folks out of trouble.
AIA|LA: What book, website, blog or Instagram feed about Los Angeles should we all be reading or following?
Stewart: Follow whatever floats your boat. I am not about to suggest reading anything to anybody. Also, there is just too much out there these days in terms of content overload. What any individual would like to read/follow is just too dependent on their likes/dislikes/politics/where they live/what they like to do, etc. that I do not feel qualified to make suggestions.  

Also, what I read on a regular basis is pretty boring stuff. It sort of reminds me of the old line from I think Groucho Marx, that he would never join any country club that would have him as a member and along those same lines, I would NOT ask me for a recommendation on what to read.

AIA|LA: Where is your favorite place to go in LA?
Stewart: Probably the Hollywood Bowl for just about any performance.  Proving that sometimes the venue is more important than the content of any program and reminding all of us of how impactful the built environment can be on our experiences.
Last updated: 13-Oct-2016 04:02 PM
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