Cal Poly Pomona Announces Intern Placement Program for Architecture Students


Dear Friends:

Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Architecture would like to invite you to participate in our architecture intern placement program. Cal Poly students must complete 500 hours of training in an approved setting under the guidance of qualified, licensed individuals before they may graduate.

We recognize and value our industry partners. You provide the jobs that our students have trained for. You come to Cal Poly events, reviews and participate in specialized lectures and conferences.

We offer the following:
-    A simple and secure way of contacting prospective interns
-    Students may only contact the individuals you identify as internship liaisons
-    A yearly Career Fair where your representatives may meet our students during a well-organized day of events, talks and mixers
-    Faculty cooperation and coordination
-    Let’s not forget: Fully trained, cooperative and productive future architects!

What you need to do:
-    Send an e mail, identifying your internship coordinator to Prof Luis Hoyos, Internship Coordinator at
-    Questions? Call Luis Hoyos directly at 323 377 1953

Please mark your calendar:
The Cal Poly College of Environmental Design Career Fair is Thursday, April 16th at the ENV Building. Details to follow.
We hope to see you there!

Visit Cal Poly Pomona's website at
Last updated: 23-Feb-2015 10:31 AM
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