Call for Fellows Note of Interest 2012

Last Updated: February 13, 2012

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Call for Architects Interested in Fellowship Nomination

Please respond by Monday, February 27, 2012

The title of Fellow (FAIA) honors architect members who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society, achieved excellence in the profession, and made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level.

Architects who would like to be considered for nomination by the AIA|LA Fellows Nominating & Mentoring Committee should send a brief note of interest by February 27, 2012, by email to, or fax to 213-639-0767.

**Please include your last name & "FELLOWSHIP INTEREST" in the subject line. Please also identify your specific category from the list below. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE ANY SUPPORTING INFORMATION (PORTFOLIO, CV, ETC.) AT THIS TIME. **

Members who were nominated last year, but did not submit, will need to seek the Committee's nomination anew for 2011. Candidates must be current ARCHITECT members in good standing and have a total of **ten years of AIA architect membership **(not necessarily consecutive.)

This message is going out to all architect members, regardless of Fellowship status or years of membership.

Please contact AIA National to verify your years at 800-242-3837 if there are any questions.

We also strongly urge you to review the resources provided at

Submitting for Fellowship requires a great deal of time, thought, effort, and resources. Members should understand the commitment before embarking on this process. AIA National's web page provides detailed instructions, a walk-through of the submittal process, a slide show and podcast, and best examples of successful submittals.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Steve Tanner at the Chapter Office and he will be happy to assist you.

John V. Mutlow, FAIA, Co-Chair
Marvin Taff, FAIA, Co-Chair
Andrea Cohen Gehring, FAIA, Co-Chair
2012-13 Fellowship Nominating Committee


Categories of Nomination
(You must be nominated and submit in one category only)

Category 1
To promote the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession
Examples include: Design, Preservation

Category 2
To advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training, and practice
Examples: Education, Practice, Research

Category 3
To coordinate the building industry and the profession of architecture
Examples: Led a Related Professional Organization, Led the Institute

Category 4
To ensure the advancement of living standards through improved environment
Examples: Government/Industry Organization, Public Service Work

Category 5
To make the profession of ever-increasing service to society
Examples: Alternate Career, Service to Society, Volunteer Work

Eligible architect members may be nominated in one of two ways:

a) By their local Chapter. At AIA/LA, this is done by the Fellows Nominating Committee.The Committee meets and works with nominees and assigns a mentor to help craft the submittal. This type of submittal requires one signature-usually the Chapter President's. Chapter Nominees are requested to attend the Committee's informational meetings and portfolio reviews.


b) By a nomination signed by any five Fellows in good standing or any ten AIA members in good standing (aka "self"-nomination.) You do not require the Chapter's nomination, but you do need to inform the Chapter that you are submitting. While the Committee will not assign you a mentor, you may attend the Committee's informational meetings and portfolio reviews.

In either case, the nominee compiles and submits his or her own portfolio, with submittal fee, online to AIA National by 2pm PST on October 19, 2012.







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