Core Values - Climate Change Wrap-Up
Next Steps to Advance this Core Value

moderated by Lisa Faye Matthiessen, FAIA
with participation from
AIA|LA COTE leadership Simone Barth-Auster, Assoc. AIA & Fabian Kremkus, AIA

How best may the Chapter pursue its leadership role to mitigate climate change? In March 2017, a working group of members including leadership of COTE LA met in a roundtable format, to develop and reach consensus on five action items that the AIA|LA can focus on moving forward. Here they are:

1. To promote the AIA 2030 initiative.
AIA 2030 is a national initiative that provides a framework to help architecture firms evaluate the impact of project design on energy performance.

In 2006, Architecture 2030 issued the 2030 Challenge, a breakthrough vision that calls for all new buildings, developments, and major renovations to be carbon-neutral by 2030. To support this call to action, we created the AIA 2030 Commitment—a national framework with simple metrics and a standardized reporting format—to provide a structure for tracking progress and help you meet the challenge.

NEXT STEP: For AIA|LA to reach out to the organizers of this initiative and strengthen that partnership with a formal commitment. And to brand a local campaign to encourage more architecture firms to commit to the program.

2. To provide an inventory of all available existing resources pertaining to sustainability and resilience.
AIA|LA can serve as a clearinghouse of knowledge resources and facilitate a campaign to better inform architects and the public about established programs with proven track records. This will also allow for AIA|LA to strengthen its partnership with other professional organizations like USGBC-LA and SEAOSC.

NEXT STEP: To outreach and solicit a list of additional resources to post on our website and to organize this information in such a way that it can continue to evolve as more knowledge and resources develop.

3. To list the Priorities & Values of AIA|LA COTE
AIA|LA COTE has the opportunity to personify the marriage of architecture and policy. By articulating a value statement, it will help convey a deeper connection to a mission for advancing sustainable solutions.

NEXT STEP: For AIA|LA COTE to share a formal value statement that we can share on our website and with the media.

4. To support the BUILDING FORWARD LA initiative
AIA|LA can promote sustainable innovations that help make our city more resilient by more deeply engaging in the brand new Building Forward LA initiative. BUILDING FORWARD LA is a new initiative that the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti is launching in partnership with AIA|LA, USGBC-LA, The A+D Museum, The Now Institute, 100 Resilient Cities, Rebuild by Design and SEAOSC. It supports refreshing and “futurizing” policies and processes that influence how we design and build our city’s buildings. Our aim is to help LA grow to be more sustainable and resilient.

NEXT STEP: AIA|LA staff will leverage our partnership with the Mayor’s Office to ensure that more architects have an opportunity to share their ideas on how we can share insight and best-practices pertaining to higher energy performance with the building and energy codes.

5. To amplify the R.O.I narrative of sustainability
Now more than ever there is an urgency to share the social component of sustainability and to personify the ‘return on investment’ narrative so that more people have the opportunity to benefits that accrue when we conserve natural, financial and human resources.

NEXT STEP: AIA|LA will organize an ad-hoc working group to craft a white paper that articulate the ROI of sustainability and will share this white paper with the public at large.

Additional items for future consideration:
A. To research housing typologies and to offer a set of recommendations on a housing paradigm that best reflects COTE’s priorities and values with regards to sustaining diversity, social equity, environmental performance and complete communities of mixed-incomes. One idea: to identify a housing project that is emblematic of all of the values that COTE endorses and then to celebrate this project as a model paradigm.

B. To partner with the County of Los Angeles on their prospective ADU competition. We will look deeper into this nascent proposal as it is further developed by the LA County Art Commission.
Last updated: 10-Apr-2017 04:12 PM
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