Competition Competition 2011 – Architizer’s annual award of second chances

Last Updated: February 9, 2011

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Competition Competition 2011 - Architizer's annual award of second chances

Did you compete in a competition in 2010 and not win? Architizer and Relative Space want you to take those losing concepts out of the wastebasket and recycle them. Upload your unrewarded competition entries onto and give them one more chance at victory.

We want to rescue these worthy designs from the annals of flat files and off-site hard drives everywhere. Re-submit your work and let it be re-judged on its merits.

Submissions will be judged on their architectural merit and will take into consideration:
WHAT competition the design was created for and
WHY your design is awesome / special / award-worthy

The playing field is level - we are looking for the coolest / smartest / most responsible / most daring proposals made in 2010. The jury will choose one winner and five honorable mentions. The winner will receive a $1,500 prize. Winner and honorable mentions will receive additional editorial coverage on

All entrants can also be a part of an upcoming exhibition about unwinning competition entries.

Any project submitted to an architectural competition whose winners were announced in the 2010 calendar year. Projects are not eligible if they won 1st prize. Submissions may include the work of firms, architects, designers, students, teams, anyone, as long as they are credited in the projects profile.

Submission Requirements
Submissions must be uploaded to

The information page can be found at:

The project profile must include the following:

  • At least three (3) clear images / renderings of the project
  • One (1) technical drawing that explains the inner workings of the building
  • A text description of the project that must touch upon the following > What was the competition for > What your design submission is all about > Why you deserve a second shot at glory (i.e. why your project is so cool it deserves to win)
  • The lead design firm or project leader
  • Team members who worked on the design
  • Original boards are not necessary - in fact they are not preferred - and may not best explain your project through the image gallery on Architizer
  • The tag "CC2011" must be added as a tag to the project profile, without this tag the project will not be eligible. (If you have never uploaded anything on Architizer and you don't know what we mean by that, just you click on the > arrow in the teaser photo above we'll show you an example where the tag has to be entered)

Project names must be submitted as follows: OFFICIAL NAME OF ORIGINAL COMPETITION - Name of Entry
For example: DESIGNING THE HIGH LINE - Railway Dreams
If there is no name for the project you may substitute the firms name.

Submission Fee
It's free! We don't think you should be charged for your work again.

February 20th
11.59pm EST

Our amazing jury includes
John Beckmann, Founder, Axis Mundi
Felix Burrichter - Editor/Creative Director, PIN-UP Magazine
Olympia Kazi, Executive Director, Van Alen Institute
Jing Liu - Founder, SO-IL
Dung Ngo, Senior Editor, Rizzoli International Publications
Nanako Umemoto, Founder, Reiser+Umemoto RUR Architecture PC

The results will be delivered on Architizer after the jury meets on February 22nd. Stay tuned to Architizer to hear the results. The winning design will be rewarded with a $1,500 cash prize and featured on Architizer's front page in addition to extensive editorial coverage. Five honorable mentions will be awarded and celebrated on Architizer.


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