Core Values - Diversity Forum Wrap-Up
Next Steps to Advance this Core Value

How best may the Chapter pursue its leadership role to effectively expand diversity for the Profession in Los Angeles?  In January 2017, a working group of members from multiple backgrounds, met to develop best practices to achieve demonstrable progress towards this AIA|LA core value. What follows are three action items that forge a pathway for Inclusion and diversity.

Forum #1: Designing Our Profession for Inclusion and Diversity
#1 = Goal:  THE PATHWAY

To Diversify the Architecture Profession by engaging more effectively with students and emerging professionals from a wider socio-economic demographic and to promote greater awareness of the how a younger generation can navigate the steps necessary to pursue a career in the A/E/C industry.
Action Item:
AIA|LA establishes the framework (the kit of parts) and promotes a program that will match firms with students and foster a wider network of mentorships and internships.  AIA|LA will solicit firms to participate in the program and will also establish a deeper and more direct connection with ACE, SPARK, City of Los Angeles Public Works Commission and other programs that are already helping to provide students access to professional settings.  Share a well-designed road map that outlines various stepping stones of engagement. Goal is to have a large group of firms all participate in the same program so that we can make a larger impact.  Suggestion is to have 25 firms engaged  through end of 2016-2017 school year, expanding to 50 firms at start of 2017-2018 school year, and continuing exponential growth of engagement by AIA member firms.  Recommendation is to focus on supporting a program that targets underserved minorities (African American and Latino).
Measure of Success:
By the end of 2017, AIA|LA will highlight some of the best-practices for student engagement and will share a summary of testimonials that capture the spirit of the program from all participants.
#2 = Goal:  THE VILLAGE

Establish stronger collaborative and strategic partnerships with a wider array of A/E/C affiliated organizations so that we are more apt to widen and strengthen our reach of influence.

Action Item:
AIA|LA will craft a amicable memorandum of understanding with AAA/E, NOMA, AWA+D and other organizations that outline a procedure for how to co-produce at least one program together.

Measure of Success:
By the end of 2017, AIA|LA will highlight the programs, symposiums and conferences that were jointly produced in tandem with AAA/E, NOMA, AWA+D, etc.
#3 = Goal:  Achieving Diversity and Upward Mobility of Mid-career Architects

To provide stronger mid-career support to ensure that we’re facilitating the greater upward mobility of an inclusive profession so that no architect is left behind or overlooked and that all architects & designers receive the support they need as they navigate their careers.

Action Item:
To program one or two professional development workshops that demonstrate best-management practices for achieving greater diversity in a firm's hiring process, inclusive human resource management and workplace habits that promote greater equity, mental health and
Measure of Success:
By the end of 2017, AIA|LA will highlight the results of the program(s) and share the model curriculum so that similar professional development programs can be replicated on a rolling basis.
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