CultureNOW's MuseumWithoutWalls Project

Last Updated: May 11, 2011

CultureNOW's MuseumWithoutWalls Project

New York, NY, USA

CultureNOW's MuseumWithoutWalls Project

cultureNOW's MuseumWithoutWalls project is an effort to use cultural mapping to describe our physical environment. The intent is to look beyond the gallery walls and create an electronic guide and resource for the world outside that blends art, architecture, historical buildings, planning projects, civic and cultural landmarks and anything that informs how we perceive and shape the environment.

We built the website and iPhone app for people like ourselves who are curious about the world outside. We thought about how many times we tried to visit buildings only to discover that they were closed when we got there. We know how frustrating it can be to make an excursion to a specific artwork only to discover that something else we really wanted to see is only a short distance away. We hated carrying heavy guidebooks around the city and wanted to address that. We believed that public art should be seen in context with architecture and history. We thought it would be great if it would be possible to actually stand in front of a building and see the rest of the pictures, the drawings, the interiors, the construction photos while you were listening to the architect explain the design. We wanted to look at ghost buildings, planning projects, temporary works of art, and discover emerging artists and architects and really take the Museum outside of the Museum.

Our solution was to take advantage of the gps and the audio streaming technology of the iPhone to create a technologically sophisticated guide to the physical environment. This became cultureNOW's Museum Without Walls. The app was voted one of New York City's Best Overall Apps of 2011 on March 31.

To date there are 6000 sites listed with over 11,000 images and 340 podcasts. cultureNOW has expanded to Los Angeles and is currently collaborating with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Community Redevelopment Authority to post public art installations.
We invite interested architects to post their firm's work (but not residential interiors).

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