de LaB Celebrating John Chase's Legacy

Last Updated: April 24, 2012

La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA

de LaB Celebrating John Chase's Legacy

Almost a year ago you may have joined us for a walking tour of West Hollywood to honor the great urban designer and writer John Chase, who passed away in 2010. We produced a photo essay of the day's tour, but we also wanted to find a way to memorialize John's many contributions to the city, so we created a map of the day's stops we named John Chase's West Hollywood.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, de LaB was awarded the first grant by the John Chase Memorial Fund to produce the map. The beautiful newsprint map was designed and illustrated by Keith Scharwath and features 31 West Hollywood locations that John designed, protected, admired, enabled, approved or frequented. It's a wonderful way to celebrate John's legacy by strolling the city he loved.

John Chase's West Hollywood maps are available now through de Lab. Maps are $5 for a single map or $10 for three maps, and prices include shipping. Order your copy today.

The LA Forum is currently accepting applications for this year's John Chase Memorial Fund award, seeking proposals that tackle the urban issues John Chase believed in. Submit by May 1, 2012, or, if you'd like to support the fund for years to come, you can make a donation here. Donations are tax-deductible.

Thanks for your ongoing support of our programs and initiatives. And our deepest thanks to John for always, always believing in us.

Best, de LaB

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