Design Awards 2011, Call for Entry: "They bring your resume to another level.."

Last Updated: May 19, 2011

Design Awards 2011, Call for Entry: "They bring your resume to another level.."

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Design Awards: Past Winners Say...

The Design Awards call for entries was announced April 11th. With registration less than two weeks away, June 2nd, the American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles touched base with last year's award winner, Yianna Bouyioukou, AIA. She discusses why she decided to become an AIA|LA member in order to enter the Design Awards last year, the decision undoubtedly was the best decision she could make.

  • Prior to the Design Awards, you were not a member, did you decide to become an AIA|LA member just to enter the design awards program or did you see other benefits for becoming a member?
    We did join to enter the design awards. Afterward, we used the membership benefits to attend a few AIA seminars.

  • Obviously becoming a member and entering the competition paid off as you won the Honor award for your project, the Embassy of the Czech Republic, has that award helped your practice? If so, how?
    It was undoubtedly a great thing for Your Building Here. The award put our names out there. It definitely brings your resume to another level. After the win, we started getting published in high-profile design magazines, web sites and blogs, and we were contacted by a lot of people here and abroad that were really impressed with our project and our approach to design. Most importantly, though, having Your Building Here recognized by our peers was a personal encouragement for the future, to keep pursuing the work that we do and continuously strive to get better at it.  

  • Would you suggest non AIA members to become members in order to enter the annual design awards competition?
    We would definitely encourage people to do it. For a lot of young architects that are either not yet licensed or do not have a large body of work behind them, it's a great chance to be recognized for good work. Also, in the case of Your Building Here, the Embassy of the Czech Republic was a competition that we did not win but still felt that it was a great project with enormous potential. A lot of thoughtful effort went into it, and this award proved us right. ??

About Your Building Here:
"your building here" is a multidisciplinary design practice based on 2 continents. Founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, by Marija Volkman and Yianna Bouyioukou, your building here continues to grow through research and collaboration.

Download the Call for Entries form below!

2011 Call forEntries Final Cover


The annual AIA Los Angeles Design Awards & Exhibit honors excellence in work built by Los Angeles architects (Design Awards) as well as work by Los Angeles Architects as yet unbuilt (Next LA Awards). In both the Design and Next LA categories, jury awards are given in three classifications: Citation, Merit, and Honor. The Design Awards juries, which are comprised of notable architects from across the United States and abroad, are selected by Committee, and change annually.

Entrants must be members of any chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Award winners will be announced and celebrated at the AIA|LA Awards Party in October, location TBD.

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