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Design for Dignity 2
A Conference to Focus on Solutions to Homelessness
announced by American Institute of Architects Los Angeles

Conference FAQs:
DESIGN FOR DIGNITY | Homelessness | Housing | Neighborhoods
When: Friday, July 14, 2017 | 8AM – 3PM
Where: McCarty Memorial Christian Church 4101 West Adams, LA, CA 90018
Tickets: AIA Members: $95/Non members: $135
Registration + More Info:

June 19, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA)—Catalyzed by the field’s fundamental role—to facilitate shelter—Los Angeles architects have historically contributed to solving a key regional issue: the reduction of homelessness, through both design and policy recommendations. Today, the growing proportion of homelessness in the area calls for greater civic engagement.

The American Institute of Architects Los Angeles chapter (AIA|LA) announces Design for Dignity 2, a conference to expand the capabilities of the field to address the homelessness crisis in the region.

Though long planned, the conference takes place shortly after a Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority report noting that 57,794 people (living individually and in families) are caught in the area without housing on any given night.

“’Home’ is in our DNA. How do we use this gene pool to support our region at this time?” said AIA|LA President Doug Teiger, AIA. “How may we channel the collective knowledge of the field to benefit individuals currently without homes, neighborhoods, and the city. This is a day for architects to provide positive and implementable contributions for place making in a micro and macro context.”

Divided into three primary areas of focus, the day will begin with elected officials, developers, and supportive housing providers who will brief attendees on the status of recently passed voter programs: the County of Los Angeles’s Measure H and the City of Los Angeles’s HHH.

Then speakers and attendees will share best practices and innovations in supportive and affordable housing, as well as positing updates to zoning and building codes that can support initiation of affordable housing.

The program’s last series of sessions will expand the discussion to an essential discourse: How do we elevate quality of life in communities without displacing renters, and instigating new rounds of homelessness?

Among those speaking at the event are:

* Dalila Sotelo – President, Affordable Housing Commission, HCIDLA & Managing Director, Western Region, Community Development, Integral
* Isela Gracian – President, East LA Community Corporation
* Jacqueline Waggoner – VP and Southern California Market Leader, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Throughout the day, attendees will provide essential contributions: What have architects observed from their own experience as designers? How do they see the role of architects at this time? How can the field contribute? These will be topics for sessions set aside for “voices from the audience.”

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