Where You’ll Find Karin Liljegren, AIA, (and why it’s not personally perusing Instagram)

No doubt, Los Angeles, the city, is finally downtown. #Live #Work #Recreate. 

If you spend any time there whatsoever, there’s a strong likelihood you’ve experienced the work, in some way, of 2015 Emerging Practice Presidential Honoree Omgivning, led by Karin Liljegren, AIA. Liljegren recently told us that a full ninety percent of her projects are situated in the area. It’s a “passion,” she says. But just try and find out if Liljegren spends time, herself, on Instagram (@omgivning_architects). 

We did in this interview with Liljegren who, rather than qualifying herself as “Founder”, on Omgivning’s website, uses the irreverent nomenclature “boss woman” 

Celebrate Karin at the 2015 AIA|LA Design Awards, Thursday, October 29, 2015. Purchase tickets here

AIA|LA: What was the first Los Angeles building (and relevant architect) to influence you?
Karin Liljegren, AIA:
Lautner's apartment buildings next to UCLA. I had just moved to LA and walked by them everyday. They created unique and wonderful indoor/outdoor spaces in multi-family. It subconsciously inspires me still today.

Name a Los Angeles person, place, or thing that inspires you today and tell us why (as briefly or in as great detail as you wish).
DTLA has been inspiring me daily for 15 years. It has been re-inventing itself - there is something new and exciting to experience everyday. It has unlimited untapped potential for the future. It is my passion and 90% of where I do all my projects.  

Favorite book or website/blog or Instagram feed?
No time to read--seriously.

What's the thing you'd most like to change about Los Angeles in the future?
More bikes, more pedestrians, more trains, less cars.

What should never change in this city?
It's pioneering spirit!

Where is your favorite place to go in LA?
Any of the historic highrise building rooftops in DTLA at sunset.

Last updated: 26-Oct-2015 12:30 PM
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