photo: David Lena Photography, 2015 Presidential Honoree: Emerging Practice - Omgivning Architects

Call for Nominations
2017 AIA|LA Presidential Honoree: Emerging Practice Award

The AIA|LA is soliciting nominations for this year's Emerging Practice Award, a Presidential Honoree conferred at the 2017 AIA|LA Design Awards Ceremony. 

To self-nominate, please note the following eligibility requirements, criteria, and process. Questions and nomination packets to: AIA|LA Executive Director Carlo Caccavale, or, to contact by voice: 213.639.0768 

• Any firm, whether an individual or an organization of architects, in which the continuing collaboration among individuals of the firm has been the principal force in consistently producing innovative architecture for a for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 7 years, is eligible for the Emerging Practice Award. No more than one such award shall be made in any year.

• The firm shall have evidenced innovation, having a cumulative effect on the profession of architecture.
• The firm’s work shall be a product of a collaborative environment or a demonstration of a new way of practice.
• The firm shall have evidenced the ability to transcend specific areas of expertise or shall have made connections between areas.
• The firm shall be recognized by peers.
·  Principal (or one, if many) will have to be an AIA or Associate AIA member.

Nomination Process
AIA|LA staff will publish a Call for Nominations – potential candidate can submit a nomination providing the following information:
·   images and description of no more than 5 projects;
·   a statement of the firm’s philosophy;
·   a statement of the firm’s profile;
·   a list of awards and recognitions
·   one letter of recommendation from an LA-area architect not within the firm

AIA|LA Staff will collate all submissions for a presentation to the Board of Directors 

The AIA|LA Board of Directors reviews the self-nominees and votes on the selection of one winner.  Non-winners are allowed to re-enter the following year if so desired if they continue to meet the above criteria.

Nomination packets to: AIA|LA Executive Director Carlo Caccavale,

Last updated: 06-Jun-2017 11:16 AM
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